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  • Full_pick
    Re the cane, 1. You really need to test things before releasing them. 2. Given the community uproar, you should consider increasing the speed from the cane, not the prev 100s% but maybe 2xcurrent amount.
    And ooh, the legendarys need a boost, way to weak, but you should be aware of that by now.
    Keep up the good work!
    September 8
  • Randy
    Hi Filipe and thanks for all your help - re game the old usuals I guess Leg wrangler - but why not up the limits for the resource storage and have a level 11 to aspire to also it won’t cost much to have seasonal events with diamond prizes again - back in the old days HeH was all powerful but now there would be real competition!
    September 7
  • Samdougherty
    Hello Felipe
    I was told in note from your office you would help me recover Sam34.  The reference number is 446969. Samdougherty
    September 3
  • amc938
    Hi, I wrote to you the other day regarding the resources I have lost due to the app crashing, which just happened again, while in free roam, I have only 5 minutes to use the free roam, before im unable to move, and than get 15 minutes in the area I am at, well the app crashed again while in free roam, literally 1 minute into roaming, by the time the app loaded on again i had 1 minute left, but couldn't move as the move button did not appear on the screen, and than the app crashed again. By the time I got back on I was 2 minutes into my 15 min limit in a spot that I got stuck at, with barely any missions around me. I would greatly appreciate it if my compass could be replaced as, it was a complete waste and I did not get any use out of it. Please get back to me at your earliest convenience, as this is not the first time I have lost resources due to the app crashing, I have lost unclaimed items, with the app crashing before able to claim them, i have put up flares which seems to occasionally trigger a reload of the app, and when it reloads my flare isn't up, and its no longer in my inventory, ive lost 2 flares from this, and lost complete use of the compass I just tried using, as well as the majority of atleast 3 or 4 other compasses, i can not continue to purchase these items for them to be wasted, and not getting replaced. Sorry for the inconvenience, if you coild please help me as soon as possible, as I boight these resources to help my team before this round ends, to finish the tier we are on, and I need those resources for us to finish the tier before the round ends. Thank you
    August 17
  • NG_Filipe
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    August 14
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    August 10
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    July 28