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    Getting this far requires gumption, something you have in spades.
    May 19
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    May 19
  • A letter for our SENSEI

    It's been a while since i met you, since I recruited you for the guild i was in. From the first moment i noticed how different you are from the other players and people i met here. We spent a short time there and you left.

    As i told you, that was the best decision ever cuz this is how we were born. This is how Negans brothel was born.

    Not anyone can be a leader and keep everything smooth, but you had your own way to do this, to show everyone appreciation, to make every one of us to feel like HOME.

    Now, over 2M stars later, i want to thank you. Thank you for being there every moment for us. Thank you for always congratulating each one of us for our stars. Thank you for coordinating us to play for the team. Thank you for the patience you have to explain us and help us. Thank you for being the man you are. And last but not least, thank you for being different!

    Of course, it was a long road to get here, a lot of hate from the people who can't stand a person who's not hiding or playing a character, but, we managed to keep our brothel alive and we are stronger than ever! All these because you were always there, our voice, our fountain of strength, our power!

    If you took 2 minutes of your time to read this, i want to thank you too. Don't be in a place where you're not able being yourself. Be in a place where you're comfortable, where you can be.... YOU!

    Thank you again for being so dedicated to this game who became a lifestyle to us. And to all the survivors out there: be safe, be yourself!

    We are what we are, we are all Negan!

    April 9