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1) игрок использовал все мечи, у него осталось (0), начисляются очки за пройденный ПВЗ. Через какое-то время (видимо идет откат) в общем и личном зачетах у этого игрока визуальные атаки возвращаются, но использовать их невозможно.2) Обратите внимание на дополнительный скриншот, предоставленный автором. На нем видно,…
I don't care how it happened, it's not my job to investigate, let the developers do it. I'm stating a fact. According to the number of materials provided by the author, do you agree that this is a bug or is it still not convincing for you?
well, you agree with me that the top guild cannot lose four attacks in one battle, this pleases me. You did not read the essence of the problem, and even more so, you did not carefully study the screenshots provided by the author if you paid attention to the timecode and the number of points you would get the gist of…
in this case, it’s even more unclear to me why you leave such comments if you didn’t even bother to read the arguments provided by the author. And finally, as a player from the top guild, how long ago did you see the guild lose four attacks?
Yesterday I had an identical situation similar to yours. the player completed the missions on the island (c) the second player had to beat Pvp behind him, but he was shown that the missions with the walkers were not completed. Unfortunately, the reason why this is happening is not clear, but it is obvious that this is…
I understand that the community relies on facts, but let's think a little logically, Can a top guild lose 4 attacks? For me, the answer is a clear no! The player writes about his problem on the forum, we all understand that it is impossible to return the lost VP to him, what is he trying to achieve? He wants…
you and I have different understandings of rudeness. This guild has a reputation, and someone allows you to speculate that the person who created this topic on the forum is a liar. Many do not cover such topics on the forum, by the fact that they do not see the point in it. I know of two such cases
judging by your comment, you are an absolutely far away player from GW or far from understanding the standings. This guild is the top guild that has been clean for two weeks, suddenly loses four attacks? Any top guild strives to play clean, maybe sometimes they use red gasoline. If you are far from understanding, do…
  • @Lexia So, after 4 days of communication with support, lots of screenshots, and calculations, our guild was compensated with x1.5 RP bonus. Support confirmed that in our case there was a bug that led to the loss of attack, and the loss of points, in the total scoring. Unfortunately, we cannot be compensated for lost points…
we're playing Guild Wars season 17 and it's still beta test. We can’t change anything, and neither can the developers, because we see the same mistakes from season to season. I want an investigation and a public statement about the situation my guild is facing. this will be enough for me
  • and so, if we make a total count we get 8638+20+635=9293 we should have a tie with 1.5 RP rewards but instead support sent a player who lost attack 30RP . I want the developers to study this case in detail.Thank you for your attention
  • in addition to everything, 48 points were missing from the total number of points. I am attaching screenshots 1036+708+692+674+652+591+4285=8638where did 48 points go?
  • The attached screenshots show that the mission has been completed. the problem was discovered immediately and a letter was immediately written to those support, the answer came two days later
  • Здорова Серега✌️. Аккаунт Криогена недавно вытащили, не прошло и недели, , тоже самое произошло у Лемарка. Примечательно, что оба раза заявки попали к той же убытку, что и тебе и помочь он ничем не смог. При повторной заявке он дал отписку сообщений в автоматическом режиме, мол не дублируйте сообщение, ваша заявка в…
  • если просуммировать индивидуальные очки каждого игрока, и бонус сектора должен выйти 7970, а в итоге 7922. просим компенсировать две атаки для восполнения недостающих очков. Это конечный результат в случае позднего ответа. Также приложу скриншот в конце боя
  • @zbot @lexia. добрый день. Снова играем в русскую рулетку, кому на этот раз не повезет? у игрока в моей гильдии возникла ошибка при загрузке миссии, в результате соединение было разорвано, а миссия завершена. Все доступные скриншоты закрываются. Но тайна через время обнаружения откат и миссия не засчитана; это проигрыш…
  • in part, I agree with you, but imagine that your guildmate entered the mission and for some reason could not finish. lost my phone, lost access, overslept, or due to some family circumstances I could not enter the game. lose a maximum of 60 points or lose a bonus due island? the answer is obvious.
  • Почему бы не действовать тем же принципом, что и опросник в голосовании? Выставить несколько видов разного оружия и брони, чтобы участвовать в выборах. Можно с горечью проглотить всё то оружие, которое вы предложили в качестве награды, но куртка на скаута она никому не нужна.... игроки, которые так ждали что-то полезное,…
  • На стрелковые классы лидерская черта Розиты не должны распространяться
  • what can i say.....you just got unlucky with the support person. I recommend sending the application again, but from a different account, you may come across a more competent specialist
  • @Lexia @Fluxxx for 9 days now, our player cannot return access to the gameplay. Please help speed up the process.P.S. I ask you to pay attention to the employee in technical support Alexander, for often all letters that get to him do not find a positive answer, the process is delayed and problems are not solved.
  • @lexia help restore access to the gameplay to our player, he missed the first message because of the non-working help button. duplicate the message or help restore access.(Криогенщик) 
  • @zbot In our guild, the player lost progress, he contacted technical support with the provision of all the necessary data, technical support answered, but unfortunately he could not read the letter due to a problem with the help button. Please help if possible. nickname in the game Криогенщик guild RIP
  • Вот уже какое обновление подряд, вместо достижения радости, только одно разочарование 😔. Последнее обновление оставило массу негативных отзывов и эмоций. Сколько я израсходовал золото и инструменты из-за дефектной черты "тактический" я даже не считаю. Дополню к вышеприведенному списку багов то, что у меня пропала…
  • I had the same problem, even though it hadn't happened before. Cleared the cache but that didn't help.
  • Мне кажется что будет Габриэль и испытание "переселочные дороги"....готовьтесь страдать👹
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