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  • Defensive stance is pretty much useless while the over watch feature isn't targeting the nearest threat,. What's the point of being able to do more damage,. If said damage is half way across the map on a zombie with no chance of reaching you whilst ignoring the freeman who's rushing in to twat you with a lucille…
  • Have yo agree with original poster,. 5k is a rip off, all other items were on sale in tg for 1k, Looks like exploitation of daryl seeing as he's probably the most popular character, 20 quick raids buys it, though buying it doesn't free up a slot for something else so just wait for it to go
  • @nickc25 If your an apple user contact support about a refund for last 30 days, Apple are abit more understanding than support
  • If that was the case NG and shtevie in particular wouldn't be nerfing traits at all,. To achieve a balanced game,. A fair balance is what's being asked for,. We are dying on this round because the crate opener is just plain to weak,. It's not a player or play style issue its a inbuilt game fault, it's no challenge to…
  • I'd be intreasted at seeing your results for this too,. My phone drop rate on herds as been similar to yours,. The lady gas boost i brought still had gas drops for me on the herd Edit one thing I have noticed (maybe just me) but the phones in the tg shop have vanished,. I'm hoping this is a sign that phones will drop in…
  • I'd like to see some bullet proof riot gear shields that would give us a chance of beating the buffed up freeman
  • I'm presuming the freeman challenges are purely a way for NG to stop the repeatable maps and nothing more,. The added power boost has a crippling effect,. It's almost like they are trying to say that if your going to repeat your going to pay to do so, unfortunately in their hastency to stop them there taking the fun out…
  • Just like to point out that nothing in life Is given for free, freebies are aimed at drawing more players in who will in effect pay out money on other bundles,. It's basic marketing 101, yes you get free stuff but you need to spend to upgrade it Love the herd one of my favourite events just hope the phone drop rate is…