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  • I can you tell the answer is not likely/probably never, and might have been an even more definitive "no." I remember the thread too, but I'll let @MadPuppy do the digging.
  • @Johnbert /> Same goes for powerstrike most of the time, you can only use it when you get hit. I have to disagree there. With a weapon that has interrupt, power strike is infinitely useful and never requires getting hit until you reach the…
  • @Drunken There is no way for us to know a lot of things. Crates have nothing to do with badges. I don't think you understand the idea of "odds." File a BBB complaint, or Apple report, or whatever if you feel it is merited. Run your study if you car…
  • Be that tedious, @Boukephalos
  • Unless you are attacking the hunter on your first turn, he is in overwatch.
  • Is there a need for an opinion poll on this? Either they are - in which case all we need to see is a video of them running ridiculous lengths across the screen, or moving while stunned to prove it - or they aren't. I haven't seen the crazy run d…
  • I’ve been hoarding all my components since the last component event. With the free swapping event this weekend, I’m wondering if it would be worth crafting all my rare and higher components to take full advantage. Anyone care to weigh in? Craft ev…
  • One of the few times grind isn't a bad thing. @youknowwhoyouare
  • Patience, and normal 15 calls. That's all it takes.
  • @warlordf Even without a spawn, you're still farming lots of XP for every map you play. Fatties and armored walkers do give more XP than normal walkers, and you can get a lot of XP quickly if you have the gas. And all assaults start charged, which…
  • @Japes87 All good things take time. The best one of them all is already posted above. There are a lot of other wonderful images of this beautiful lady, How does one even choose?
    in Rosita Week Comment by Mabiki March 14
  • Coming this summer- Sideboob: The Motion Picture (Spoiler)
    in Rosita Week Comment by Mabiki March 14
  • Are you worried more about charge points or about damage? Rufus is no slouch, and both can stun, but Rosita's single target bonus makes scouts and shooters into stone cold killers. And if you can get them charged without waiting for a spawn, you jus…
  • Oh god, I think Mabiki needs therapy. Can't argue with the conclusion, although I would argue the above pic isn't the reason. I mean, I've already got 1 awesome and 0 disagrees.
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  • Do you think it benefits NG to leave traits like interrupt, silencer, sniper harness and wrestler in the game after they are not effective or no longer effective in the game ? If so , do you have any thoughts about a compromise that could help the…
  • Found two regular forum posters in one day.....Howdy do, @Mabiki. I stayed as far away from your bruiser as I could - his name is a bit disconcerting Working as intended. He's just like your average politician of any political stripe. But t…
  • Creative naming suggestions welcome! I tried assigning them GoT dopplegangers, but that was hard to maintain (partially because I had 30 non-hero survivors, and partially because all of the survivors in the game are butt-fugly and most of the main …
  • I like the OP idea, but I can already hear the ghost of Shteevie telling us that it would make the interface too complex. @EL34xyz It's a good reason to keep some ranged survivors without Revenge on them
  • So you’re telling me if I have 20 million supplies to upgrade my council then wait 2 days then use 18 million supplies to upgrade my training grounds and wait 2 days then use 2+ million xp and wait 20 hours AND THEN play the distance I’ll get lvl 24…
  • I haven't had any black screen issues since the last update either. I still have the game crashing sometimes, but nowhere near as bad.
  • @Murdoque For the record, I was only talking about those who specifically complained about lower star counts. Fare thee well.
  • @jrodrf2 One problem with your suggestion, is the "not having anyone injured into the red" is already part of the star calculation. It would require one of those "some other genius ideas" to make it work. 3 stars = perfect. 2 stars = bruised or i…
  • @Jenng
    in Old Threads Comment by Mabiki March 13
  • I'm really surprised and sad at the number of people voting "No" based simply on a lower star count. I can understand disapproval based on reduced rewards, or hitting the wall too soon, but I will never comprehend this BS focus on stars. Especiall…
  • Glad you got an answer. Every time I see this thread title, I hear a Pixies song in my head.
  • I support the spirit of this thread. I don't mess with a lot of online discussion boards, but the main other one I use has a rule exactly contrary to the one here. In order to avoid "thread proliferation," (our fancy term for a bunch of threads on…
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  • @Kaz If you can share any ideas you've kicked around on how a Carol-type reward would be handled in the future, it would be much appreciated. If you don't have info to share now, I hope you will let us know as ideas develop. I've never been the t…
    in Rosita Week Comment by Mabiki March 13
  • And don't get me started on these promotions for heroes, all I want is to level the heroes I like using. If you want to do a promotion then fine but don't remove the normal rotation of 10 calls for heroes. I don't want the heroes your pimping out th…
  • @sunny00021 Can you confirm how many rounds the other players have completed and the number of rounds you have completed during this Challenge?
  • Please explain. Is there someone in your guild at lower level who is getting more stars despite being less skilled or playing fewer rounds? Our guild has been discussing this exact topic, it’s an exception in our case, not the rule. However we hav…