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  • While NG is fixing stuff, please move the 2x speed button and put in settings.
  • No thanks. They've become redundant.It would be good to improve existing buildings though, such as the hospital.
  • I actually think Jacky is hilarious. I like their posts.Keep em coming.
    in Global chat Comment by ADPaq August 27
  • What an absolute farce.
  • What a joke. Just got hit by a festive shotgun. All three survivors at 80% DR instantly put in the red. Next round 2 are dead and I have to use tools to prevent it from being a complete loss. NG get your act together. This shit show needs to end.
  • Way too deep for a mobile game I play while on the toilet.
  • Too obvious.
  • Stun walls do work. There are plenty of videos to evidence that. It's such a bizarre statement to make. You literally have 100 hundred players on the scoreboard who have used stun walls effectively to beat the challenge this week. You went from being uninformed about the mechanics of the game to being defensive, and…
  • Given all the other visual pollution indicators, it looks like NG should have thrown one more in and it might actually have been useful.Turns until overrun or something like it.
  • I'm no where near as expert as many of you, but the only way I can think these scores are achievable is by having the map fill up but not end. If that's the case, a near permanent stun wall plus fire and possibly Shane might make the scores possible.
  • 💩💩💩
  • I believe they can only be used once in game modes outside of the Last Stand, but they are not consumed like tools. Is that correct? So in theory you could equip each survivor with a different support and use each of the supports once each.In the Last Stand the cooldown applies.
  • This has got to be one of the most bizarre updates in the game's history.Something no one was asking to be changed is completely overhauled and single handedly unites the entire forum against it. That's how bad it is.It goes beyond the icons though. The new visual layout is horrible, navigating the in game menus is slow…
  • I'm a fan of Borderlands which is known to have excessive visuals. But thankfully it has the Less Dumb Visuals mod.If only we could do the same.
  • Given this bug really hasn't had a huge impact, and certainly not a negative impact, on the game, wouldn't it make more sense to leave it as is and instead update the text description of the trait?It feels like this is just going to unnecessarily weaken melee for no particular reason.
  • You guys have it the wrong way round.For each tool used you get an extra star.
  • I'm assuming the OP is referring to the max score achievable in a challenge, but I could be wrong.
  • Haha giving away my age. 43 this year.
  • So it looks like a fair amount of skill is needed to complete the harder levels. Sounds like most people are having a blast with Yumiko. Long may it last.
  • We can clearly see from the rankings that even when a "large" number of the best hit the max, we're still talking about circa 50 players in the ENTIRE WORLD.Now, admittedly I do not know the total number of active players or how many have and use Yumiko, but the fact remains that only a very small number of players hit max…
  • What if the competition uses lots of tools, gold or special weapons?Like I said previously, Yumiko is great for pretty much everyone but a handful of the super elite who don't like the current situation.
  • I know this is a crazy notion, but to those elite players who now find this combo op and boring, you could, you know, just thinking, use a different combo.I know, I know. Crazy right?
  • As a mid range player, I assume, (2,700 last challenge) she is not overpowered and brings a lot of fun to using ranged survivors again, even non-heroes.I appreciate the super elite can maximise this setup, but a game like this is all about min/maxing so that's always going to happen.It would be real shame to wreck a fun…
  • How effective is he in the Challenge or as an offensive team in GW at higher levels?
  • I'm finding it refreshing. I'm just going to stop playing early and do something else.Thanks NG.
 Damage and crit damage. Badged like that he can pack a very respectable punch using something like the Morning Star, then move using tactical to herd.
  • Interesting debate. I use discord for real time voice communications playing online multiplayer games, for which it is very useful. However, I prefer LINE (or whatever chat app you favour) for text communication.It really does just come down to preference.In terms of motivating team members, the key is to engage the guild…
  • is it just me, or does the reworked image of Carol above look like an older Daenerys Targaryen?