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  • Gotta agree with @ATLAS-Z I too watch every ad and buy all available gas. I'm currently sitting on 35. No way it accumulates into the thousands unless you either don't play much, or you buy gas boosters.
  • No. Unfortunately he does not.
  • I had 100 tokens saved up and tried rerolling for the first time yesterday. The same thing happened to me and I got nothing. I'm out (both tokens and trying again when I get some).
  • The problem many people have with not knowing what to expect from a map is it adds yet another element of randomisation into a game that arguably already has too much, but more importantly can lead to stale game play as you use a set team which can …
  • It's already happening with me.Epic has been giving away free games every Thursday for ages. These include games like GTA V, Football Manager 2020,  Watch Dogs 2, Civilisation VI and my current favourite Borderlands 2.Hundreds upon hundreds of hours…
  • Utterly boring pile of shit. It's killing the game for me. My challenge score is down from 2,400 to 2,000 average and falling because GW has put me off so much I can't be bothered with any game mode.I have no desire to continue to play as it stands.
  • While new and balanced changes are welcomed, fast walkers are not. The cynic in me says NG designed a game mechanic explicitly to increase gold heal spend. Fast walkers break the game's fairly well established mechanics, don't make the map sets more…
  • Ranged definitely needs a rethink to balance it out. It should be possible to go high using different combinations of all classes, or even better yet, have maps designed to utilise each class better.While you're at it, why not revamp OG Daryl  to ma…
  • Fuck this bug. It just happened on Big Pile MM47 at the finish line with one move to make for 3 stars. When I reconnected, in NG's infinite wisdom, it ended my turn before I got to move my last survivor resulting in heavy injuries to all three survi…
  • I've been playing Borderlands 2 and levelling up my sniper Zer0, while learning to 1 shot cheese kill bosses using b0re. It's fun. But I did log in to use my ~550 radios on Eugene (1700 tokens).
    in Tuesday Blues Comment by ADPaq June 2020
  • How long do you find it takes to re-establish a connection? I've never been able to get the reconnect button to work and I always have to kill the app and launch it again, which is doubly annoying. I'm on the latest version of Android.
  • Constantly. To quantify, I get this easily 10+ times per day EVERY SINGLE day.It's not wifi or 4G related either as it happens on all wifi networks I play on and across multiple 4G network providers.It significantly increased for me post the exploit…
  • Obvious troll post, but I'll bite nonetheless. F2P here, I can easily hit 2,300 per week every challenge with the main thing capping me being healing time. The staple team is:Survivalist Rick Huntsman Daryl Eugene Riot Gear Glenn Michonne re-rolled…
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  • I used to run votes on my game servers, everyone bashed 1 to get rid of the pop up. So I got clever (like advertisers who use pop ups) and randomised the options each time the pop up was displayed and disabled options 1 - 3. The end result - people…
  • Unfortunately this was addressed by Fluxxx recently and the answer is no. The game simply wasn't built with a map making tool in mind and apparently to build one now isn't particularly feasible. It's a real shame as this game would benefit immense…
  • Huh, what? There's a Sniper Morgan?
  • I would prefer if the human enemies scaled accordingly with the difficulty of the sector, and with them the points on offer. Right now, they're treated as a break or left to those who aren't able to tackle harder missions. Played correctly, it's tr…
  • I think they're a great addition after having used them and I genuinely think they can be made a fun, strategic and integral part of the game. But I agree with what others have said about them needing to be toned down in terms of how they can be use…
  • Given how vocal the online community is when things go wrong, I'd say the lack of any noise around dropping the star hero must mean no one is too fussed. Naturally, I'm sure there'll now be a tonne of people saying how much they miss the star hero.…
  • I don't know if 18 is the right number, but I definitely don't want any more attacks. Please do not increase them.
  • Once again, there are problems with matchmaking today. 10 vs 5 and Silver II vs Bronze I. Another easy win for us, but I can't imagine the Survivants will be particularly happy. FYI @Fluxxx
  • @Fluxxx Before we all go full throttle and use our keys, is NG going to stop the current war to sort these issues out? Should we all hold off for now?
  • Same here. 10 vs 6. Ludicrously unfair for the team against us. I hope they're well stocked on grenades and medkits.
  • "Even with this event they are able to put it to you deep" Ooh err missus.
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  • I had to use Google translate, but I'm excited to see Thano's gauntlet and teleportation.
  • It won't help with sales, but rather than buying or acquiring medkits and grenades, they should be placed inside locked crates (NG can figure out how many turns is reasonable to unlock) within the map. This would then allow anyone to choose whether …
  • Agreed. It's very difficult to see, even when I adjust the brightness on my phone.
  • Thanks @Grady that makes sense. I'll have to tweak my spreadsheet to take this new info into account.
  • I'm trying to follow the DR calculations, thank you to all for posting so much detail. Can someone confirm how the rounding works? Is it always rounded up? For example I have a DR badge with a base value of 17%, when applying the conditional bonus a…