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  • I wish I could say anything positive about screwing up interupt... there has yet to be a valid argument to changing it. Seriously. Why do you have to change shite that doesn't need changing? There is NO competitive person playing this dying game tha…
  • @Illbrainer Sorry, but I was well aware, and accustomed to Capitolism. I am born and raised in the good ole U.S of A. but thanks anyway. Still trying to figure out why anyone would troll forums. these are open forums right? lmao, yet no one can …
  • @Illbrainer again. don't interject YOUR opinion or interpretation on what I say. period. where in ANY of my posts did I say anything about buying something I don't want? Who actually wants ANY of these heroes? and why are they not separated in the r…
  • @Illbrainer logic is not in NG vocabulary. and I never said I felt obligated to pay for Daryl. I said his traits are garbage and to upgrade him you have to spend 10 radios for the chance at a paltry 2-8 tokens. I burnt through over 200 radios an…
  • NG, you nerfed the hell outta our survivors. period. health, damage, and morale. all 3 decked Legends to drop a 1940 health level 23 normal walker? lmao, good job. keep earning those millions from radio bundles and screwing up our survivors. this wh…
  • lol, 10 stupidly hard to come by radios for 2-8 Daryl tokens. over and over and over... seriously? wtf are you peeps thinking at NG other than $- $? nor another dimension will be spent from me or my guild. Darly's leader trait hasn't hit once. over …
  • all about that RNG. just isn't as random as NG pretends it to be.
  • the added traits are ALL intended to screw up the percentages of getting what you want/need. period. 15 radios=nothing, 8 tokens. 15 more radios=8 more tokens. damn, outta radios, go to shop, buy a bundle. rinse-repeat. NG is milking us peeps. perio…
  • 1940 health level 23 normal walker. 1911 damage hunter and TWO shooters that do well over 2k... wtf? I can't kill a level 23 normal walker now? you kidding me? on top of that, 10 radios to get 2 shitty tokens when it takes in the hundreds? NG better…