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  • Really nice story. I wish they in NG would have read that too.
    in Upgrading Comment by Ahex March 2016
  • +5 I'm fatso, I have more power
  • @bgbelden all your stars belong to Negan
  • Is that typo in quotation marks or deliberate? Yes I think that Next Game and TWD:NML is more like ZOO than perfectly functioning gaming company and they really use actual coding monkeys than programmers.
  • Rick and Daryl don't give a fuck if you were general or dictator in your previous guild. Earn your place in current guild and stop whining.
  • It seems to be random. In earlier versions sometimes survivors shot simultaneously on same target and another then wasted his bullet. Don't know does it still happen. Tried yesterday to leave wounded zombies next to my survivor to avoid noise and let overwatch handle them, but several times overwatch was used on undamaged…
  • I don't mind if rewards on lower star levels are crap, but I wish they improve when more stars are collected. Also I would like them to be closer the level I earned those stars. If I need to kill average lvl 15 zombie and my crew is lvl 14, then I expect to get lvl 15 rare, lvl 14 epic and lvl 13 legendary stuff. not level…
  • Picture says it all. Great! Same shit here. 2280 guild stars lvl 11 rare rifle and under 10000 XP
  • I like the goat idea. Hospital time is cut half, because survivor has a *uck goat. How about Leatherman multitool for scout allowing multiple attacks. Also potato gun would be nice. And where is my lawnmover https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEuT9sePcI4
  • They use random generators to determine these rewards. Some get better rewards and legendaries on improved radio days, but others get worse. I have got crappier stuff so far on challenge rewards. Ok I got Epic item for my 1st personal award, but usually I have got Legendary item. Unfortunately those have been always from…
  • I used lvl 13 leg warrior and lvl 14 epic warrior. Of course Free Man Willie offered a fresh meal for hungry walker
  • When these improved radio drops were held first time I got 2 legends with 1 radio pull. both were maxlvl 13. they were scout and warrior. After that I haven't had much success to pull good survivors, so I just like to pull one radio XPs than 15 radio rare XPs.
  • With lvl 16 survivors this should be easy, but I almost managed to pass this episode wit lvl 13 leg warrior and lvl 14 rare shooter. Unfortunately I wasted too much time, because at first I thought I should kill all enemies before that guy comes out of the closet.
  • It just feels idiotic that you need to rescue 8/14 level shooter when required level is 15. And I'm sure I rescued that same guy in Episode 4-7 hard with 9/13 stats. So why the hell I needed to save him again and then just kick him out of the camp? I also wonder how he has lost his skills being one level weaker than…
  • You need to get Daryl Dixon released and unlocked first and then find RPG and gasoline truck. You need Abraham Ford to find RPG. To unlock Abraham Ford you need to test drive Ford Abraham on selected car dealers. I'm not sure is that their new car model or that red headed guy. To unlock Daryl Dixon you need grow a beard…
  • 1 Correct 2 You complete one step per mission? 3 you get 2 stars. I had quest to use melee team and Warrior team. I got 2 stars ans both quests advanced one step.
  • @zeena Zozon played 11-1 on hard mode, not normal. I still use lvl12 and lvl13 survivors without legendary gear to grind E13 deadly and suply runs. If episode demands survivor level 14 then it is playable with lvl 12 survivors.
  • So lvl 18 scout owner gets lvl 18 knife?
  • No need to make changes, those mishaps are works of Rick. Without Rick fucking up there wouldn't be show to watch and without fuck up camera toggle delay we wouldn't suffer so much and wouldn't need to try again or wouldn't pay to make call 6/12 common grannies or long distance calls to rare nannies 8/14.
    in Undo!!!!!! Comment by Ahex February 2016