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  • Sorry if this suggestion was already posted but the outpost is hard to defend even with lvl 17 survivors . I think adding burning walkers to the pit can slightly increase the defending chances .
    in Fiery walkers Comment by Andu March 2016
  • For me this bug was fixed when they removed auto-reload after every mission you finished , but like i said previously i was already sure auto-reload caused this, because started when auto-reload was introduced as a solve for loading freeze error .
  • Well it's possible some of this fixes to affect other players, unfortunately from my past experience with this game i saw some fixes only brought more bugs ... however for me ... the game become playable again .
  • I played 15 minutes after this maintenance and to be honest everything worked well and the loading freeze screen was fixed, now i no longer need to reconnect after every mission i do .
  • Seems this bug was fixed with the new maintenance . If everyone can confirm this you can mark it as Solved thread , but i'm quite sure was fixed for everyone who experienced this problem
  • This message was posted in maintenance break after the new patch was already installed, seems whatever they did in maintenance now you are not auto-reloaded after a mission and you are redirected correctly to the mission screen. Let's see if this al…
  • @Alibaba it's the same bug with Sometimes you also get the correct episode but the stars are not counting and the time clock for the mission you fi…
  • Did you had loading freeze error in past? your game auto-reload after you finish a mission ?
  • Gas has nothing to do with it ... Remember 500 TG mean a gold crate , you spend 6 gas for a deadly mission and nobody guarantee you will get a gold crate. I have nothing to complain with 2 gas and 10 TG for an attack, but 10 TG for a search is a rob…
  • @Amiga what about 5. Checking bugs forum and trying to fix the game bugs ...
  • Another challenge , another maintenance but bug still there. I'm tired to complete missions and stars are not counting ( i need to complete again the mission and lose extra gas . Challenges still alternate between different episodes . I got Prison …
  • i dont know where you get 10k-15k xp for scraping gears ... I usually get 9000 for lvl 15-16 legendary weapons ...
  • Someone posted some time ago in facebook group a picture with 48 rewards collected . At that time 48 gold crates /2 = 24 rewards , you can get maximum 20 rewards with guild+individual each challenge
  • Well you know the rewards sort is already sorted from the moment you started the mission... that's a sure fact and was confirmed already by game developers . So no matter what box you choice you get the rewards that are already sorted for you . I sa…
  • Sorry for having a different opinion @eetu but how the outpost will be worthy with this new change ? When all peoples will become smart and will keep their rewards from challenges until they will reach 7-8 tickets, the outpost will be really real…
  • I think we already got prizes for challenges, indeed we should get better items from this challenges cause to be honest i rather do deadly mission in episodes 13 than losing so much gas and time for few gold crates . However giving prizes only for t…
  • Any official news ? i;m tired by this , i lost around 30 stars this challenge because of it .
  • Because of this
  • the automatic reload crash the challenge system .. you often do challenges but the stars are not counting but fuel is lost .
  • no answer and the bug is still there ... tired of finishing mission but after automatic reload appear i didnt completed the mission but gas is gone ...
  • @Teeceezy @TK-421 Please check this, i did so many challenges and didnt got the stars. Lost energy and got the items from crates but doesnt appear completed and no stars reward. Same problem for this user…
  • Excuse me, but how it this relevant with the Outpost discussion forum and what will be this class different from hunters ?
    in priest Comment by Andu March 2016