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  • We need lots more info regarding this NG as stated above
  • Some Players want to be spoon fed everything! If you want to be the best you can then get off your asses and put a damn effort into doing some research. Criticising other players who go out there way to help others is stupid
  • How many miles survivors have travelled during battle also how many bottles of water each survivor has consumed
  • I have absolutely no dought that the walkers are hitting harder. Big decrease on stuns and crits also
  • @Fluxxx @NG please let us exchange legendary frags for legendary components during the components events
  • Here’s to many more millions! Extra special people and so much more than just a game. Love you guys
  • Disgusting lag when opening the game, equipping gear,switching survivors. Lag just forced me to use gw reward points on buying 50 fuel. I’ve never used the rewards in the past for fuel ! Also lag causing many mistakes and costing time and gold. I’m so on the verge of saying adios
  • Take this bs out the game ng
    in Grenades Comment by Andy_b May 2020
  • Take this fkin overpowered bs out the game ng
  • 🧰 are you kidding me! Shocking cash grab. Get to fk
  • Quotes from his actual ‘STD bible’ he wrote in his basement while rubbing his nipples watching cartoons
  • @vshield50 you are a JOKE! Stop dragging the community down and your country’s team with your petty pathetic ego. Complete drama queen, I feel sorry for the 19 players if you manage to get a second team... no need to reply 63 times I won’t reply, grow up dude seriously
  • What can I say after that great message from our skip.. well, totally true and Java is far too humble. @javajnkie you are dtp’s Rock and a true badass! I have absolutely loved being a part of dtp and for myself and I’m sure many others of our legendary guild it extends way past just the crazy infuriating game which we all…
  • LOL
  • Every comment I read from you @Troublemaker is negative and very rarely helpful, we understand what your saying and I get your frustration but moaning and hating on NG at every move they make is getting old. Take a chill dude
  • Interesting read here, tactics and picking the right team and getting nice start spawn are very important. Luck is vital at the high levels. This is the end of an rsl 50 map.. the start was just stun/punish/stun the two at start spawn.
    in Closed. Comment by Andy_b October 2019
  • Hi @Allan1803 unfortunately your too late we already have our team and the event has already started now. Please feel free to join our uk chat and you could be in the next NW team
  • @Karajoca I appreciate that you are wanting to help get this sorted, seems like there’s no repercussions at all, so players are content to carry on. I just felt it would be best to wait until NW was done and dusted so that the players who are clueless of what’s going on, don’t get tempted etc over the event
  • @Karajoca Congrats on letting everyone know how just before nation wars, I have never used this personally and think everyone who has is sad scum. There’s hasn’t been any names mentioned in here. It’s obviously implied who may be using exploits tho. And your acting like it’s normal? NG is watching you guys closely over NW…
  • @dlb wind your neck in dude. You are clueless
  • @TWD_Sigi you can talk all you want, you are either incredibly unaware with what’s going on with (some) players, including maybe your own. I would like to point out that I haven’t mentioned anyone in particular YET ,or just very sad for knowing what’s going on. And keep in mind I KNOW a lot more of what’s going on. When NW…
  • @TWD_Sigi you must think everyone is stupid, there’s a huge difference from 46-48. Of course a no spawn map with fully charged starting survivors and 99% incendiary success rate makes 48 not so bad. You can’t show more 48+ videos and we know why!
  • The tactic is called cheating! Yes I’m calling out these scumbags, you know who ya are and what you are doing. Sad and very pathetic! Well done NG for letting these get away with it while all other players spend and spend to try to top leaderboards etc with absolute no chance. Leaderboards are now who puts more time in…
  • Although you was innocent, I’m very happy to see this so we know at least something is getting done with the cheaters
  • @SavannahGuy81 as others have mentioned, this is very hard to see and my 1st time reading anything in this section. Would be greatfull if you made this in general discussions
  • Every turn on through the wire is crashing and need to reload game, highly annoying