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  • when someone gives you a Ferrari 812, you dont go around complaining that its too fast and powerful on the roads
  • will NG consider making a turn-based game similar to NML but of another genre e.g. Aliens? Aliens vs Predator? Game of Thrones? cyberpunk? 
  • like all mobile games, players come and go. many reasons to stay or leave. but its nice to leave a note if you are somebody well known once upon a time and decided to call it a day...salute to you for staying this long
 firstly, TWD:RTS is drawn in cartoony comic-book style. The cartoon characters don't even look like the series characters and thus far from realistic. you call yourself a fan of TWD but you accept the 'Rick' in that game which looks like shit. Though turn-based, the fights look comical and don't require a brain for…
  • Thank you for your answer. I'm also chilled now, after drinking a cold can of coca-cola 
  • why should i chill when im just asking a question? im just a mid level player. im not may have all the advance information from your groups and your associations. in fact, you should chill and let me ask my question and comment
  • if its for the weekend, will it replace what's originally for the weekend? if yes, then it's just preposterous. hopefully, its just additional
  • i dont understand. with the turn-based system in place and is working fine, NG can create different genre of turn-based games. e.g. a cyberpunk genre which i'm totally in for. no need to depend on sugar daddy like AMC or Netflix
  • advertised as 'for a week' but lasted for only 2 days... "is this an out-of-season April's Fool joke?"
  • NG is not going to nerf the other tools as long as they are earning from them. how long have you guys been waiting for a change? well, keep waiting... and since the other tools are overpowering, why not just buff the gore to that same level of power. "if a tool can't beat other better tools, why not join them" just my…
    in Al Gore story Comment by Arqueue June 1
  • in both of your examples, you are talking about one hero to stay alive or outlast the walkers. what if i want more than one hero to survive? thus, the suggestion to reduce the cooldown
    in Al Gore story Comment by Arqueue May 31
  • well, smart capibaras know the difference between a dumb bird and a ferocious predator
  • one thing for sure, there were generations of capibaras serving as pet assassins to their masters. these pets had been working in the shadows since prehistoric cavemen times. they acted as agents of balance... yes, and now you know, the Assassin's Creed is real. they just forgotten about the capibaras...
 that was the plan all along. pretending to be dead while the dumb Dodos brought him back to their sanctuary, Capibara waited patiently for his chance... once there, with agility and precision, he wiped out the entire family! now we know why the dodo went extinct.
  • okay thanks for the info. @zbot please close this discussion. thanks!
 *play* the X-Files tune...
  • ever since they changed the login poster for the game, i have been haunted by the images on it. maybe Fluxxx Mulder and Dana SculLexia can help solve it this is the original screenshot of the login: i see dead heavenly poeple. can you see a being with an outstretched hand and a dick-shaped mushroom on daryl's head? could…
 the truth is out there. the bruiser situation is an X-File case.. next will be the jackpot deluxe chance... :D
  • could there be a major shake-up in the company after the release of NG financial statement on 19 Feb and the annual general meeting on 31 Mar this year? could these be the reason why Fluxxx is transferred? could they subtly increase the walker's damage so that they get more cash from the remaining diehard fans? one thing…
  • this is the reason why im still hoarding those useless hero tokens. even if i reach 1 pink star, i still wont take the bait. 2 reasons: i feel 120 tokens for just 60 mins is not value for exchange and maybe NG decides to revamp these heroes in the very very far future. im not hungry for gas and i can understand why others…
 400 gold gift is absurd. i totally agree with you NG is profit driven. i believe NG considered the 'gains' the whole guild gets and not individual. example, a guild with 20 members, thats x20. imagine a 20-member guild which has the god of fortune on their side. if each gets 15 gold in the chest, that would be 300…
 hi @zbot if you are only interested in the bulldozer, could you send the rest in my direction please? i sure appreciate it. thanks in advance! o:)
  • thanks Firekid. my mind thought of assaults, but my fingers typed 'warrior'
  • oh is it? then any other component event, i'll be happy. thanks for the feedback
 okay, good to know for future Ricks. thanks!
 i dont have the data to support whether people will spend more during a half healing time event. all i know is priority in healing is greater in GW than in Challenge. in GW, other guild members depend on you to complete missions. some players may be forced to quick heal with gold even there's no half healing time…
  • many mobile adventure game developers rely on time for their income. if you want to upgrade fast or speed things up, you have to pay with the main currency or real cash. i certainly welcome a separate hospital for different modes but i doubt NG will do it. it's a source of income just like tools. perhaps a small tweak like…
  • @Fluxxx anyway, thanks for listening to the feedback in the forum. i know it's your job but many requests were answered unlike some other gaming forums. hope your future role will continue to make NML great for a long time coming. All the Best !!! and Welcome @Lexia !!! can't wait to see you in the upcoming event promo…
 why walk when you can take the training wheel and drive?
  • @Fluxxx since you are leaving as CM, will you pardon all or some of the banned players, just like Donnie Tramp did before he left office? o:)