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  • Lexia said:The equipment will be available in the next season again ✌️In another thread. Thank you!!!
  • @Lexia, please please please ensure that the GW shop has the same gear! I will literally cry if I cannot get the shooter gear for Yumiko. Cry, I tell ya! Loudly. Here. 😭
  • The Guild War pistol (if it remains after the debacle) will obsolesce that pistol. It will for my Yumiko, at least. But I always think fair access is best. Pay to get it fast, sure; but offer it for 5k in the black market or something. 
  • I also wouldn't mind smarter Punish logic. If a burning walker is going to be stunned already for the next turn, don't target it for punish, if another non- burning walker could be targeted. Heck, in general, don't target already- stunned walkers with punish at all, if an unstunned walker can be targeted. And if all…
  • I agree that fire damage from hitting burning walkers is annoying. But it's a common 'power type' that the game engine needs: damaging aura. If NG ever uses the game for another genre like fantasy or sci fi, it can be given a different flavor and art/animation to suit the genre. I do believe, however, that only adjacent…
  • I dig it! Definitely needs some language tuning; but the notion that one can leave Merle behind and still complete is compelling. Ditto Governor (have fun with your daughter!). Maybe a 'pseudo-trait'? Sacrificial Chump - This team member does not need to reach the exit to complete the mission. This trait has no effect…
  • I get the idea. And it's a clever twist on power strike. But... As a technical writer, I have no idea how one would fit that LT explanation on a trait-description bubble. Devs would have to code scrollable pop-ups first, just to fit the text. But hell, why not? 
  • FWIW, follow up: I quit for the week today. Half of my personal best, lowest star count for me in over a year. 1. Less-than-worthless 'star' hero. 2. One of the lamest map sets ever 'designed' (no flexibility, one-track, amateur designs). 3. Normal (AKA underpowered) survivors starting charged. Great for one or two turns,…
  • In a mission, Governor is tantamount to playing with 4 traits and 2x5 traits. 14 net. Any other leader (except Maggie) is 5 traits and 2x6 traits (max, if leader trait applicable to the other two teammates) . 17 net. 82.4% efficacy with Governor leading. That's not "challenging"; that's essentially going back to level 24…
  • @ATLAS-Z Thank you for 'hearing' me through this weak medium of text. I'll smooth out with edits too. We lovers of the game must never waste time kicking each other's shins, when we could kick NG a bit. :kissing_closed_eyes: Here's hoping for other ideas for visuals that NG can use. The reason I got really excited by this…
  • Edit. @FuriousMoldovan I maintain that my map was better, more nuanced, more risk reward. But I put nerds in a barn, like another designer, and that was enough for 'equivalent'. Lol. Not even mad. (but they should make MY MAP. Dammit. 🤣) But atlas and I made nice, so we're raking sand over the divots. Very funny crack,…
  • I think you're first idea is what influenced the Scout Glenn leader trait change. It's a years-old idea for a hero trait, to reduce any unlock times by 1, with 1 minimum. 100% of the time: that character is just faster with locks, period. The second idea of a % chance of no red crate trigger would definitely make the…
  • @@Lexia, another visual idea that I had could leverage the circles under our team. If a unit is in an affected area, change its circle from white to gold. That would have to work in conjunction with one of my above ideas (or ANY OTHER visual UI idea *ahem*) so players knew where they could move to get into (or remain in)…
  • "on Nightmare"? It was a Challenge map. :confused:
  • Anybody maxing out challenge with that map in the mix is uber. Respect. As a mere mortal, I'm just dealing with my 1 star and waiting for the level that will turn it into my brick wall and end my run. No pb this week. *shrug*
  • Thank you for your prompt reply, Lexia. I think my suggestion is easiest on the eyes, if a bit tricky to code: "surround the contiguous, affected squares on the map with gold outline(s). As new areas of effect are applied, just extend the outline(s) to include newly affected squares. And as the effects time out, contract…
  • I hear you, Atlas. Having browsed the board for the first time in over a year, I see folks unhappy with various things. I'm only speaking to the UI. I don't particularly mind NG making unique effects: good, bad, over-powered, or merely flavorful variations. But the user experience from any change should, I believe, be…
  • Turn screen brightness to full. But yeah... Annoying. 
  • Complete shit. Minefield is annoying, but manageable with full screen brightness. But supply run is utter bullshit. 
  • Fewer starting Zs. But, I'll concede, equally poorly designed. A good level affords different approaches. Sasha Wall. Herd And Gut. Drive By Bruisers. (Lately) Speed Loot. This level, after 41ish... Pay Money. (AKA) Dump Toolbag. Like I said, I'd be embarrassed to admit that I 'designed' this level. No nuance, single…
  • Damn good question. Maybe... Lucille? Leave room for s11? I haven't even watched the trailers, so I got no good reason. But... Negan named a bat after her. Not a gun or knife. 
  • And I'll thank all y'all 5 pink players for not posting a video of your immune to damage, threat reducing, max control videos of how "easy" it is. It's literally a pay to score level. Infuriating. Closest I've gotten to quitting forever in over a year. F&#k the designers and testers of this mission. In the ear. With an ice…
  • FWIW, I got a participation award. Go look at my original design, it's nothing like the final. (mine was probably HARDER!) 😁
  • I must agree that Carl will lead A LOT. But I suspect that you cannot repeat defenders or gear on teams, so it could become VERY interesting to come up with three separate strategies. (And yes, there will be Uber Strategies that all the top players gravitate towards, once we figure it out.) I like it!
  • Dang it, @LootHoarder ! We have to share credit! LOL Thought the preview looks like it is more like yours than mine. So I guess that I should be glad to get half credit. And MAJOR thanks to the devs! *blush*
I'm betting that means co-leaders of a guild, so that a guild isn't 'stuck' when a recalcitrant leader buggers off and quits the game without abdicating. It's a problem for some guilds, especially if no one can afford to make a replacement guild.
  • Pretend you get 15 attacks and 3 mulligans! ;)