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  • How about an actual shield for bruisers? One they bash into the walkers? Throwing knifes(/ninja stars) would also be pretty badass, not sure what class it would suit best, but silent and deadly for sure. And what about a slingshot? Or a version with stink bombs that will make you invisible to the affected range (they can't…
  • Sometimes I play, sometimes I don't. But mostly I just find them to be a waste of gas. I might reconsider if the repeatables would start somewhere more appropriately. Like how it's done with the trial missions for episode 7 promo. Your enemies start a few levels below your own heroes/survivors so you get the chance to…
  • I'm going with a 7 billion here. Edit: for a less rounded number I'll go with an estimation of the world population then, 7,455,382,721. 1 kill for every human on the planet. Gotta share the love of killing walkers with everyone after all.
  • very good suggestion. I may from time to time buy some, but with only increasing values of bundles it's going to stop at some point when I'm not willing to spent more in a one time purchase rather sooner than later. If smaller bundles were available to be bought repeatedly without going through the cycle I'd buy more…
  • Now that sounds like a good alternative, although, perhaps we could have a timer on that body for x turns before it becomes a walker or become food if a walker stumbles on the body before that time.
  • @Ahex How any injury in that world wouldn't warrant a rabies shot is beyond me ;) Perhaps speeders could be the fresh walkers that rise with the death of a human enemy. The fakers you mention remind me of crawlers btw
  • Wouldn't say ignored really. They probably already have a bit of a vision on where to go with the game. And are basically months ahead of us based on game development and much longer as far as idea development. So suggestions we have may already have crossed their minds, or they may tweak the ideas they do have for the…
  • @AysatyoPet Did not know an exploding walker was already suggested, however, now we do have a bit of how it can be introduced ;)
  • I prefer decapacitation myself, but it's still satisfying to shoot 'em between the eyes i suppose ;)
  • not always, you could kill 2 with a scout at any turn. if you have the trait 'swift strike', preferably a gold one you have 15% chance of having another attack.. not bad ;)
  • ah alright, that is including free slots you get from the update and bundles? Any idea what happens when you buy a bundle even if you have 20 slots? Will it just go to waste?
  • Is 20 slots the absolute max, or just the max seen?
  • True it's not logical for fuel to increase, but is it logical to go to the same place again and again, opening the same crates expecting supplies to have magically appeared?
  • @bgbelden fortunate thing is that you can get quite an amount of desired traits through scrapping the low level equipment received at the beginning stages of challenges.. So there is actually a decent chance of gaining the traits without scrapping desired high level weapons. However, I personally wouldn't mind buying 1 of…
  • Wew! glad it brings about some discussion. Although I have to say that alternate transport @aysatyo is talking about sounds really interesting! Just one problem, docile walkers won't go anywhere without being pushed to do so. Perhaps it'd be more efficient if you were to use regular walkers, harnassed and all while you…
  • The verbal kind perhaps, with the other you're just too busy pulling toilet paper... @DERRICK
  • I agree taht we need better ways of spending gold, as have many stated. Outfits are a neat option for those who care about it or just the die hard fans of the series, could be expanded upon with additional outfits or weapon covers. Who wouldn't want to see your warrior kill a walker with a giant shaslick weapon cover or…
  • I pretty much agree with the uselessness of the struggle wrestler trait, what makes most sense for me out of these ideas is the one aysatyo proposed.
  • damn, that's rotten luck. Have an odd penchant to pull bruisers and scouts too, but haven't recorded it like this before. Although yesterday I finally managed to get an epic warrior again. No legendaries yet only uncommon shooter/assault from missions.
  • There were a few old scratches on his face, crusted blood covering those wounds. His neck seemed to be free of any markings and he fumbled with the buttons of the shirt. 'Damn it!' He reached for the collar with both his hands and tore the shirt open. The wound on his abdomen was large and had the shirt drenched in blood.…
  • I hardly get any legendary or even epic equipment/survivors, but I do enjoy seeing more gold tickets. At least I perceive it that way this weekend ;)
  • He reached for the bag with medical supplies from one of the carriers and began barking orders. 'Will, barricade the door, make sure the big one can't get through.' Reaching Gina he layed a hand on her shoulder. 'Go help Will, he's barricading the ground floor. Board up the windows and see if there's some hunting equipment…
  • Just yesterday I decided to play this mission in hard mode. It's not that difficult. Though with only scouts it might be. I used my ranged survivors to clear out the area in front of me and the warrior in the back to clean up generally. Especially using ranged for the big walker. once that one is out of the way the warrior…
  • She edged forward with her knife lifted above her shoulder, ready to strike at a moments notice. The sound was strangely familiar, of nails scratching on a surface made of wood. Without a sound she neared the door and listened, her left hand reaching for the handle. It wouldn't do to recklessly open the door and be…