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  • > @avelardez said: > @Baluban > After level 25 it's 1-2 stars. Level 26-27 is insane HP on walkers and spawns include tanks and armors. No way around it. The game forces players to 1 star it using the wrestler trait when it works. Nice spending :)
  • > @avelardez said: > No matter the updates, the changes, the complaints, the LLS, or what ever is the new flavor for NML. Many still will have problems reaching these upper tiers in the game. Wow, that's slot of 1 starring right there. Wrestle much?
  • > @DonCoqui said: > Ok threads been cleaned, keep on topic, no personal attacks, and keep things civil. > > > > Dont make me come back here again. > > > > Thanks for the comments. > > LOL! Yes Dad... I'm 54 and I don't think I ever talked to my daughters like this. Just ban the lot and be done w/ it. Wow, you're 54?…
  • > @Amazayn said: > yesterday's topic was LLS. > today's topic is wrestler trait. > tomorrow's topic is Stu?! No, but it rhymes with Stu :smile:
  • > @tdiddy said: > Full disclosure i spent 17000 gold last challenge trying to compete with the top people and still got my ass kicked... with 9/10/11 survivor its 15 gold per attempt and since i have no skill i fail many times. However i enjoy trying to compete with the big dogs its what fun there is left in this game.…
  • > @Sekushi said: > Keeping or removing LLS same result :smiley: @Shteevie do it, remove them ASAP. Thank you. > Ps: I am NOT trying to offend anyone nor being sarcastic. Pls. grant these people their wishes. Goodluck to today's challenge guys. Well, I'm deeply offended by that comment tbh!
  • > @Speeds said: I don't think It's about envy, rather because It's not logic at all. It's like sending in flyweight fighter to fight a heavyweight. How do you think that would end?
  • Yikes @Movado , dodge and bullet dodge? :neutral:
  • > @DLich said: > @Baluban as much as I hope the phone/internet rep you were talkin to at Apple was sincere they probably were just going with the flow. > > I used to work as a customer service representative at a local cable company and for a major car insurance company. We have our calls randomly monitored and we could…
  • I just had a long talk with Apple, they said NG has all the tools and resources to resolve our problems. So either NG's lying or they don't know how to do it. The support were also concerned about the behavior regarding constantly nerfing weapons we buy for real money. But the money is not the issue, it's the behavior that…
  • @Shteevie From a legal standpoint it is a fraud. You knew about the bug yet you sold it and shortly after people bought it you announced the fix.
  • It's hard to build up trust, easy too lose it. > @Artisans said: > @Teeceezy is just the messenger. Don't kill the messenger. Yes he is, but since he's the messenger, he should be able to answer our questions. It's not like the head of NG will answer us directly. It's a pattern, we know it. And the question is how long…
  • Well, it's not the first time NG does this.. wasn't hershels shotgun with gold interrupt and gold luck released just before interrupt got useless? Shame on you.