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  • I am on an iPad. It is not jail broke. Yes it says 2 GB. I read through the last discussion it appears that I must delete the app and reinstall it.
  • Yes this happens all the time now with the lastest update. My game must restart at least 3 to 4 times when playing. It does not matter where I am at. It reloads on the camp page, the challenge Games, everything. The videos never play that just shuts down the game. Luckily when I re open I do get the rewards.
  • @blynknz I am still getting max lvl 9 and 12. Can you add that to the list.
  • It happened to me as well. It was at the end so I was able to move all my players to get to the next move and to the exit.
  • @NCDawgFan here are my lvls. I am lvl 40. In two maybe 3 more upgrades I will be lvl 41. Depending on what I upgrade next. Training 16 Workshop 13 Council 16 Radio 6 Tents 7 Farms 8 Storage 5, [email protected],8 Outpost 4 Car 6 Hospital 6 Walker pit 6
  • I need survivors lvl 18 and 19. All I get are max lvl 14. Why are mine so low?
  • @Teeceezy is the game still under maintenance or not. The announcement says it is done. My game still says it is under maintenance.
  • @ Alibaba for a few days the game did really well. I had no crashes. After the maintence update I can not play a challenge without it crashing 3 to 4 times before I finish. I get the reconnect notice with the background of the game visible and then I also get the reconnect box. I get these notices before it crashes and…
  • @Alibaba I have installed the updates for the game. It crashed three times yesterday on a challenge, chat and walker pit. I have had no crashes today. Will let you know in a few days how it is running.
  • @Alibaba I close all programs out. I do not have any push noticifications on. I turned all those off so the only thing running is my game. I have a really good connection to the Internet. It's uverse. I see the reconnect rarely. That is very random. Might happen once or twice a week. Game closing happens at least 2 or 3…
  • @Alibaba mostly I get the game closing completely out. I know when that is going to happen. My game lags. Can't move the players. They highlight green. Then the game closes. It re opens where I leave off mostly. Sometime it makes me play the last move again. Then I get the reload message. It very rarely takes me back to…
  • @Alibaba. Yes it still crashes. Right before a challenge mission, when I am in the weapons and survivor area. It helps when I clear the FB browser cache and safari cache before playing. I am on an iPad 2. It is moving a little faster when I am play a challenge.
  • Same here and my game keeps crashing.
  • Ok completed this one with hunter and assault. You have to try this combo with the lvl 10 scout that come along in one of the times you play. Use the assault to clear out the zombies in the fence. Keep your scout away from the zombies. Once you have all but one heavy killed open the gate. Make sure the heavy is damaged.…
  • Well the assault got me further but still no completion. Must upgrade the assault weapon so waiting to upgrade workshop and training ground. Stuck here till the upgrade are finished.
  • Trying to save a lvl 9 scout survivor in 12.3 with lvl 15 fires zombies is crazy. I would like to know why the developers downgraded the save the survivors?
  • I am stuck on this one. I took a hunter lvl 14 and shooter lvl 13. My poor survivor is lvl 9 keeps dying. One swat from a lvl 15 zombie puts it into struggle. So keep it away from everything. Going to try the hunter and assault next when I get gas. The cheat video shows it being done with a hunter and shooter. That was…
  • I get that but I have had numerous lvl 8 old weapons on the gold and silver tickets.
  • Love these ideas!
  • When your guild leader leaves I believe the guild Is disbanded. When you join another guild you start at 0. On the top player page you will be able to see all your stars but it will not follow you.