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  • I really enjoy using Yumiko and a Shooter that's really useful. Add her to the Sasha, Beta, Huntsman Daryl, Survivalist Rick, Princess category. Is there another Shooter as good? Hilltop Maggie's great but so often just gathers dust on the unused shelf. Leave Yumiko alone, it's great to have a useful shooter that gives…
  • You'll be surprised. Guild families aren't what you think. It's not all business, and no fun. The fluidity of the guild family actually makes it more secure. You can still chat to your friends and get to know your fellow players no matter if you're in the flagship guild, or taking a break in 3-5. It actually makes the game…
  • Sounds like Fluxx is very clear. This is not a witch hunt against Russian players. This was a script written to find and ban cheaters globally. Crying about getting caught, or your friends getting caught, won't change anything. Cheating is wrong and breaches fair play rules. Any cheater claiming discrimination based on…
  • 👏👏 Glad to be part of it Cap 💪👊😎🔥
  • The options in the poll are all a bit leading to an agenda. Could there be the option in the poll " no i didn't buy any radios, but yes I enjoyed the call and used a lot of radios on the call anyway"
  • I'd say this is only an issue if you're a really hardcore player, and let's face it, to be the best at any free-to-play / pay-to-win game always takes lots of effort and/or resources. Drawing from my own experience, I mostly rely on free to play, only sometimes buying some special weapon or radios if there is a…
  • Really like this idea, so essentially some heroes would always have an active leader trait even if they're not in the #1 leader slot. 
  • Rick, Daryl and RGG are great additions to the game. I think Shane will be too, and potentially T-Dog (only if he gets an upgrade to how Fluxx originally described his trait as stacking additively with Punish, and an extra attack). The game does currently favour melee at high RSL because of both Razor and some amazing…
  • Fluxx's original interpretation of Beat 'em up was perfect, it's a shame it's not going to be realised. I wouldn't refactor T-Dog other than to make Beat 'em up like Fluxx's original interpretation. No need to complicate it further or come up with new traits. 
Good point! For that matter, does it also stack with other LT's that boost total damage e.g. Sniper Morgan's "Perception" and T-Dogs "Beat 'Em Up"? NG have really done a great job of making shooter Rick a contender for leader in a wide variety of team setups if so.
  • Has it been clarified if Inspiration stacks with Charging weapon trait? So at two pink, with the hunting bow, the max chance of an additional charge point on a kill is 55%?
  • Was there any update on this? I also have noticed that Rick's beard has been glitchy for a while now, it used to be grey, but now is black. I have similar issues with graphics for RGG, Sniper Morgan, Huntsman Daryl and Hilltop Maggie where they're thumbnail either is too dark, or there is graphics issues on the character…
  • Thanks @Fluxxx I see you added the notes, but you've added them to T-Dog's notes in the Announcement, not Shane's. 
  • I came to this thread to read about the 3.9 update, and it's 5 pages about badges... The big question I thought would be on everyone's lips is, does Shane's explosive rounds damage his own team mates when the walker explodes? If Revenge is a trait of his, surely this can only spell pain for his fellow comrades in arms?…