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  • The entire game is is repetitive and boring! Same challenge maps same distance map! Same scavenger maps!...nothing new. At least open up the chapter and season missions for another pass through.
  • Would be nice to get a reasonably priced gas booster and gold bundle to start NW with!
    in Thank you NG Comment by Billbam July 16
  • Speaking for a 300 min guild I agree why punish us!
    in Class bonus Comment by Billbam July 16
  • We have four top level Danes in our guild and they said not enough players to form a team.
  • OH and fast healing massive for this week!
    in Thank you NG Comment by Billbam July 15
  • Agree awesome on the star hero and cinema ads!
    in Thank you NG Comment by Billbam July 15
  • But wasn’t the 7 days booster much cheaper last week??? Yes this has been $12.99 for weeks now...guess they have to make money some how on NW. I will buy the $1.99 booster when needed I am in no need of xp now.
    in Thank you NG Comment by Billbam July 15
  • DR badges have been flowing pretty well in my guild also.
  • Awesome...thanks @vane @Fluxxx
  • Lame weekend event! BUT they have all been getting lamer as time goes by...NG lets spice things up a about the herd with all kinds of tokens and radios. You could even make it the normal 10 walkers but NO xp or tomatoes. Ad radios and …
  • I agree that early game progression is a bit slow for today's mobile gaming culture so for the next update, we are exploring ways to help new players advance faster to the mid-game where they unlock the assault class, distance, etc. It is difficul…
  • Total busto of a weekend! Sounds like a third event needs to be added ASAP. As noted 2x XP without 5 sec upgrades is a waste. An double ads is nice but hardly a weekend event quality. At least add something like double token rolls on all heros a…
  • I have a maxed out account with all the bells and whistles and also a lower level account at about RSL16 and I can attest to the fact that new accounts coming up have a very hard time putting together a good team. My goal with 2nd acct was to use 1…
  • @billbam fair points. I saw the TR on ranged point made by another person on here too but then I don't think it would make sense. I can understand it moreso from melee but it doesn't add up that shooting a gun would take away danger nearby. At th…
  • ??? Maybe someone hacked it so they did not have to wait for it to reset or they didn't like a 1 in 3 chance of getting radios so put the odds more in their favor?
  • @TheKing @Mystique they should be unbanned now. Again, really sorry for that. There was a mistake in the algorithm used to identify cheaters. @Fluxxx what is the process for reinstatement iif someone gets banned in error? Can't say 😅 🤐 HUH you c…
  • How about making Survivors useful again, other than extra punish bruisers not many survivors are used once the real meat of a challenge is reached. Also even up ranged with melee, maybe with a big boost in the piercing trait and even some threat re…
  • @Fluxxx what is the process for reinstatement iif someone gets banned in error?
  • Ricks Mace Bundle for bruisers has hazard
    in Hazard Armor Comment by Billbam July 9
  • OR even better a feature where we can craft our own gear with earned rewards.
  • I used to own Daryl's crossbow from story mode, many moons ago. It was maybe level 5 at max and it was crap.... But it was the D Man's crossbow. I have sleepless nights to this very day. I used that thing to dead (usually Daryl's in the end hahah…
  • I agree with bladgier...gotta go with what you will get the most use out of. I put punish on Morgan first since he is one of my end game bruisers...Jesus will get an upgrade next to remove bullet dodge
  • If they did 5 sec equip and survivors I would buy the boosters
    in Upcoming Event Comment by Billbam July 7
  • 5 sec equipment upgrade would be nice...could get my musket upgraded and tested before next challenge
    in Upcoming Event Comment by Billbam July 7
  • I would settle for the very simple step of filtering by not only shape but type and orientation...very simple really since they have one filter just add two more DUH Homer Simpson could do it but not NG
  • But on a positive note...system did not crash or lock me out!
  • Cinema button is a PIA
  • OH kewl...will it include a gas and xp booster hahahaha