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  • 1) Do some of you play this game? And by playing i dont mean you play it here and there for a bit. I mean every game mode as long as possible (finish challenge, last stand, GW island 20, ...). 2) If first question is a no, then why dont you take a few of the top players and let them test all those things like 2 weeks…
Thanks @Lexia He already contacted the support ingame, but didnt get an answer. But i'll let him know, what you wrote me here. 👍🏻
  • @Lexia @Fluxxx Any info for me please. 🙏🏻
Yes, he already did.
  • If we're talking about back to the roots. I already mentioned 2 weekend events, we've never seen as they were. First is the old version of radio active event (i know, this still runs every few weeks). At the beginning we had 2,4 and 6 radios instead of 1,2 and 4. Second is the non body shot event. But this was already…
  • Hey @Lexia, Absolutly no problem. Thanks for the quick answer. 👍🏻
  • That is the what i meant.
But honestly. What do i want with heroes like HMaggie, Rosita, Beth, Negan and all those heroes i mostly dont use? I dont get it. Why 2 calls? Everyone can choose 6 heroes. And those 6 will still be very very awesome and at least 4 perfect for nearly everyone. 666 or maybe 1066 token is a good idea. But please…
  • @Lexia great call with 6 heroes of all our choices. No need to make 6 ranged and 6 melee call. Do it exactly like you planned it. Its always the same with lots of people here. Always wanting more and more. Jesus! 🤦‍♂️ The ONLY suggestion here i liked was either 64,256 and 666 or 66,266 and 666 token. That would be awesome,…
  • Problem with the Last Stand coming in and the new supporters is like you see in my screenshot. It's often very annoying trying to get the hero you want to move. Is it possible to add a little bit space on the left side so we can easier reach our heroes? Supporter icons are very unlucly placed. @Lexia @Fluxxx
  • Just wanted to give an example how i meant it. And why should'nt it work well together? I know normal crates have 15% radios. You still dont get very very often a silver or golden jackpot. Jackpot with component event would probably be better, but maybe that's to good for NG to be a double event. 😅
  • That was the first round of freeman Carl.
About what time will that be? @Lexia
  • @Fluxxx Hey man. Can you give us any information about how long the fix of the 50% less damage (or even more bugs) will still take? 1 hour, 1 day or 1 week? Cause i know of more and more players, who also were stuck in the loop in Last Stand and also deal 50% less damage now. 
Doesn't matter for me, which weapon they have. Always 50% less damage. If that's necessary to know. 
  • This was a charged shot with my Yumiko. 🤷‍♂️🤔
  • @Fluxxx i played Last Stand till wave 28/29 I think and drove home from work like 15 minutes. Closed the game and after i restart, I was in the loop. If retilate triggered this round or before, I am not really sure. But possible with my Princess. That's all i remember.
  • @Fluxxx Yes for me. After the reload loop in last stand Sasha, Princess and Yumiko deal 50% less damage.
  • This update brings a lot suprises with it. Well, no birthday suprises. But a suprise is a suprise. This update was genius level 10000. 👌🏻 Oh and we, WW, play 10 vs 8. At least, that's what we see.
  • I have the exact same problems like @veadaba. This really sucks. Sorry to be that harsh now. I play the game nearly since the beginning and it still made me fun. But with this update, which is by far the worst, i really loose my interest in this game. Tools are allowed in last stand?!?! Come on. Could you please at least…
  • I played the distance every week, always twice if necessary for some special spring, summer, ... events. Since a few month i dont play the distance anymore, cause it's really getting boring for me. There are very few people, who also complete the hard mode with only 1!!! team. Not only with 0 loss, what lots of players are…
  • @Karajoca as if you guys would have any chance against us. 😜😅✌🏻 But Yeah, totally agree with you. Our 2 first matches were against guilds not reaching 4k points. That's not what GW is supposed to be.
  • @Fluxxx What about first fixing all the bugs in the game like guild wars for example?! You should have better concentrate more on GW and fixing this instead of all the new features. - 3-10 players is just wrong. - Matchmaking obviously doesn't work like it should. A lot players knew this, before the first war started. -…
  • Seriously, those medkits and granates will destroy this game. It's just a p2w at its best. Of course people who pay for this game will always be better than those who dont, but these 2 gadgets are just made to make more money. Challenge already is too easy for lots of players. Please change this again asap.
  • Changing the list is not possible. At least we could'nt figure out how. Tried a lot. But nothing worked so far. But hey, at least we know when to use our hard found/earned leg components. And yes, the type of the badge with Flat number or % and if there's a bonus or not never changes. Position and what bonus is still…
  • @ochito 😂😂😂 Well, i agree with you, that it should be the same for everyone. But crafting badges always was unfair and a really bad system they created. You know how long many players had to try to finally get 1 dr badge with only legendary components and fragment? Very long. I see your point and know what you want, but…
  • @ochito No, i also have just 1 dr badge in my list. You're maybe a little right about some having just 1, others 6 dr badges. But what do you hope here? NG will change you're list cause you're complaining here? Or what do you think might happen, after NG will read this? You know what happend after Painwalker told em about…
  • @ochito are you out of your mind posting this here on the forum? You know they will fix this now after the next update, dont you? Why did you have to do that? What is your problem? Jesus! And you didn't find that out. There were other players trying these things out, cause they found some things very strange during badge…