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  • What else is there to spend on. How many survivor slots do you need?
  • Have to go with the bunnywich (who?) kids dungeon game vid. She acts like its this super great game when it sounds like every other game and it looks like it's made for 6yr olds.
  • Yeah the guy who whines about someone marking his posts as spam and boo frigging hoo, having too much exp, then telling someone else to suck it up. Hypocrisy at its finest. Should I point out the ridiculousness of telling someone to put on their man pants on and then posting an emoji B) Soooo manly! hahahahaha! Seriously,…
  • You're just lucky there isn't a whiny button. You'd break the internet.
  • You honestly think your original post is not complaining? You sir are Delusional...
  • Gee, sorry I commented on your whiny post in a FORUM section. You do know what a FORUM section is, right? Basically you said you'd quit unless you get your way? Am I missing something in your title? Ok here's a suggestion instead. Maybe you can use that extra exp to buy a waaaaaaaaambulance? A new pair of panties, cause…
  • So beheading people with a shovel is ok, but a dirty name crosses the line? Ummmm yeah. Ok.
  • So you're stopping because you have too many resources of a certain kind? I've officially seen every kind of complaint there is is now in forum. I knew I should have played whiny bingo.
  • After a single 15 radio call just to fill an open slot. The other day I played 105 radios and never got above a green. It's all a crap shoot.
  • I just did a single 15 to fill a vacant spot. Got a lvl 17 legendary shooter. 3 days ago I spent 105 and only got green. It's a crap shoot
  • Said person sounds like a hypocrite for calling anyone a whining baby...
  • So much for the "Grey area" argument...
  • Yes, let's ask NG to stop making money as an app business Or better yet, we can ask people to spend money to support the game for free players and then take away the advantage for doing so. Fair advantage of utilizing a game market vs outside software as an unfair advantage. I can't believe that people actually don't see…
  • Pieman You can ask 942 times and I will remain indifferent. Again, for the reading comprehensionly challenged, not a thread about your little guild, it's just a poll about whether people think using a bot for farming is cheating.
  • I'm sorry. I misspoke. I said that a guild member said"As long as it helps the guild get stars, who cares". It has been pointed out to me what was actually said was 'I'm probably to new to av an opinion on this but whichever way the guy levels up it all helps the group in the gathering of stars'. I was clearly way off base…
  • Ohhhh, sorry Amiga. I didn't realize there was a cut off date. Is there an area in the forum that posts this? Some chronological guide that says what you can speak up about and when? I mean you've played for an entire 4-5months, and I've only played for 2, so obviously I don't know the morality of game play versus the vast…
  • Look, I'm not looking to battle debate with a league I'm no longer with. That wasn't the intention of the thread. I was just curious what others thought. Again, that's why I didn't post names or what guild, so you are defending yourself needlessly If you feel I have spoken out of turn about what was said, feel free to post…
  • Seriously? How does it benefit the guild? Gee, I don't know. Get further in stars than you should which leads to higher guild achievements? You don't think there will be guild rewards for PVP that start next week that he will win because his survivors are higher levels than they should be? Should I go on?
  • Amiga, sorry, I'm not going to debate the terminology of the exp you get from a computer program while your sleeping is "free" , earned, or something other verbiage.
  • Yeah, you might want to check line again. That's exactly what shazzy said. Feel free to come back after and say "oh yeah, saw it, sorry"
  • Amiga, you actually equate people paying for experience, the product the game offer you to buy, which is why the game exists in the first place, with using a computer bot to get free exp? Really? SMH...
  • Of course not. People paying to get experience is why the game is free for others. They pay to have a competitive advantage that you take away by the simple fact you found a way to get what they get for free. You're too lazy to put in the work of actually farming, so you wake up daily with a free 300k experience bonus. And…
  • So you'll reevaluate your botting after all of your botting experience is spent leveling up your survivors and weapons to maximum. Gee....thanks.
  • the inability for NG to police it doesn't address if it is cheating or not. Sure, it's almost impossible for an app maker to battle every single programmer out there who wants to buck the system, but that's different. I can rob a bank, and if I don't get caught, or the cop that catches me says "how did you do it" and then…
  • Game XP farming is at least you putting the time in. Having a computer bot Clicking a mouse while you sleep seems to no only cross that line, but make it so far behind you that you can't even see it. IMO anyways.