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  • Not as many times as you've created new forum discussions. Which is impressive, given that two of those discussions have pizza in the title.
  • Warriors are definitely useful for some of the distance missions, even if you only use ranged for the toughest levels. I often use two warriors and an assault to get through the levels with armoured; the warriors take care of the zombie cops and the assault helps cope with the spawns. Despite the fact that melee has no…
  • We're talking about the guy who set up a camp with no perimeter, did nothing and opposed doing anything. He didn't even know what was going on with himself.
  • Shane is one of your favourite characters?
  • That's a damn good warrior.* Ruthless gives bigger damage on charged attacks * Strong increases base damage, which is then multiplied by any additions like %damage badges or ruthless on armour. * Retaliate is a great warrior trait, given that warriors constantly risk attack by anything they didn't kill. * Power strike…
  • Yo dawg, I theard you like pizza
  • Don't you like tips, @Mabiki ? Or is it pizza you hate?
  • Hello, Mr. President. You taking a break from Twitter?
  • Walter White is the next hero to be added to the game? That's some interesting cross-genre thinking.
  • Sigh. This suggestion is made at least once a month. Each time, somebody has to point out that we have a big enough problem with hero token dilution as it is. Adding more heroes will only make it harder to level heroes up - a criminal thing to do when the update is going to make them useful again. Come up with a solution…
  • Aye, incendiary can be lethal to you if there isn't enough room to keep out of range of a burning fattie.
  • Of course he does; you're already over the cap even before DS could be applied. @aquila Same turn isn't so surprising. What about turns after, though?
  • If scouts could have weapons with wide arc, nobody would ever use warriors. There are class-specific weapon traits and class-specific damage ranges. Because classes are different, the weapons are different, the tactics are different.They made it too specific for no other reason but for making money. NG do want your money…
  • It doesn't do either. The answer to my original question is "neither". There seems to be a two-stage process of damage reduction. In the first step, Iron Skin and damage reduction badges are added together and that percentage is removed from the damage. In the second step, the Defensive Stance percentage is removed from…
  • I would hang onto them both, for the moment. There are times when you really do not want revenge. Law may not have ruthless but his traits work better together than Loretta's.
  • Completely different experience with Michonne. You don't want spawn blocks because hanging around near the gate and taking out the two there, then the two that spawn at the bottom, works even at tough levels. With her plus one or two TR scouts, you can have an empty threat bar the entire time and have all the time in the…
  • None of them is better for all kinds of mission. Sasha isn't hugely useful till things get tough, for example. Sasha's the one to use when you've gone a couple of difficulty levels beyond RSL (real survivor level) +5. Most other leaders will be failing you at that point. Unlike Abe and Darryl, her bonus works for ranged…
  • Damn good question.
  • Well that sucks. I guess I could go back to normal mode scavenging rather than hard, but I don't need progress to level 59 to be any slower than it currently is.
  • It might look unbalanced, but it's probably just random. Sometimes you'll flip a coin and get 20 heads in a row. Doesn't mean the coin is unbalanced.
  • A number of people (endgame players, people who take a slower and more careful approach to levelling up) upgrade training gear as well as their best gear and use it for scavenging and in the earlier challenge missions. Why make bruisers less useful for this?
  • Then you're missing a trick. The chance of swift strike she gives to a warrior means you can get an extra area attack. Also, since each kill has a separate chance to trigger threat reduction, scouts aren't the only useful class for TR with Michonne. Warriors with Luck work excellently under Michonne.
  • Bin him. Punish is great. Retaliate is great. Luck is fine (helps with stun-resistance if you have the armour, helps Dodge). Dodge by itself is a thin defence; against +5 enemies, it is . Ruthless should be low on the list of traits to see in a bruiser. Mel is a marginal bruiser who is no use to you at the toughest levels.…
  • Joanne has high damage output but is fragile; very important to have high damage resistance badges on her. Retaliate and Power Strike are only useful on a toon that is willing to risk damage. Thelma is a very solid defensive warrior but has lower damage output despite Strong, because no Power Strike. That said, while many…
  • I'm not sure if I'd want to see it every week but it's definitely an interesting choice. Back when Carol week happened, I only had one good scout; having two high damage scouts was my first real opportunity to try two-scout missions. I think the temporary boosts to a hero's stats or trait were a great way to introduce…
  • Also seeing this. Couldn't think how it could be a sane part of TG Monday...
  • It's Sunday so: hierophant hʌɪ(ə)rə(ʊ)fant One who teaches the sacred mysteries of a religion or an arcane discipline. Like @OneLessTitan
  • Strong and Marksman only multiply the survivor base damage and don't affect the weapon damage. For most classes, the base damage of even a 10-star survivor is a little less than the damage of the best weapon they could carry (an epic weapon upgraded to 3 levels higher). Which more than halves the actual effect of…
  • Morgan and two punish/retaliate bruisers, as much stun-resist armour as can be found.* Draw the Freemen into a fight by the top of the two gates. * Survive. * Open the gates and let the walkers attack the Freemen. * Sneak out whichever gate is less busy, using Smash as necessary. Works best when body shots are common,…