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  • He means the exact set-boosted amount (which assumes that we trust the original, unboosted value to be accurate, which I do). So 12% * 1.2 = 14.4%
  • Well, if I'm right it's just an annoying display bug - albeit one that will have mislead and disappointed a lot of people. If I'm wrong, it would be nice to see the NG explanation.
  • Heh. Following a hunch, I checked all the percentage badges I have in sets. It turns out that the boosted value is always rounded down, not to the nearest integer. For example, my Morgan has a 19% DR badge, which boosts to 22.8 which you would expect to round to 23% but it's displayed as 22% on his badges screen. That's a…
  • @mik81 Precisely. @TJS , here's a direct example of that explanation just being wrong:Michonne (level 20, epic) on whom I have two 10% badges. The badges screen shows them as both only boosting to 11%. But her survivor screen also shows her total damage output as 3449. Now, if I use @OneLessTitan's data for base traits,…
  • @JimiFaith Bruisers have to take hits. Period. If no other class has to be prepared to take hits, bruisers so. Their innate health plus good traits makes that not much of a problem.
  • Lewis is great and absolutely deserves priority. If I had both of those, I'd probably leave Melissa on Outpost duty with some nice Iron Skin + Stun-resist armour. As things stand, I only have one Lewis-like Bruiser (she has Strong instead of Dodge) and I have her on Outpost duty whenever I'm not using her; every time I…
  • @TJS The math doesn't add up. It also doesn't explain that the survivor screen shows final damage/health figures which agree with the proper boost and disagree with the displayed boost.
  • @mimica resurrecting this because I and a fellow guildmate had noticed the same. The survivor detail screens seem to have a display bug which improperly calculates the boost only for multiples of 5. For percentage values with a multiple of five, only a 10% boost appears to be applied, while for any other percentages it is…
  • I wouldn't consider adding a crit badge to a toon unless I'd run out of damage badges or had filled the maximum 3 damage slots; @TJS 's reasoning is valid.
  • I can see some point to that. But on reflection, I think it's probably just an unintended feature of NG's code. I think they use the same code for each step and that code has no information about a previous step, just the current situation. So the second step doesn't know where you came from to get to your current…
  • @DLich That's a different thing and not what @mik81 was saying. There's no inherent movement penalty for splitting the turn into two steps. What you do with those steps might reduce your movement potential, but you have the same basic movement potential either way.
  • No, that's not true. This is easy to test out and just not the case. A scout can move 8 places in one step and 4 steps in each individual action point - the same distance either way. For other classes it's a single move of 6 or two moves of 3.
  • Then how come the first step in the two-step approach alerts the walker? If it's a sneak, the walker shouldn't be roused.
  • Is that the official NG explanation? I don't see the toons walking when you explicitly move them in two steps and running when you just let the game work it out for you. Unconvinced.
  • For Sunday afternoon, let's indulge in a little simony ˈsɪməni The corrupt act of selling/buying ecclesiastical privileges or positions.
  • Agree almost entirely with @Cronus except that I'd prefer Iron Skin to Lucky. Retaliate is useful if you expect the toon to be hit - in which case Iron Skin helps you stay alive so that you can use it. Similarly, power strike is useful only when you risk the toon being hit.
  • Here's a Saturday special: carminative ˈkɑːmɪnətɪv Adjective: reducing flatulence. Noun: a drug or substance that, when consumed, reduces flatulence (e..g. epazote).
  • Keep this one, @ShadowaceAz . Punish, Retaliate and Iron Skin is an excellent combination and the other two traits are not bad. You have a bruiser who can stand firm against attack, soak up the damage, hit back twice and then, on the next turn, hit back with extra (admittedly from the low base of a bruiser). Since Lucky…
  • @JBreeze38 Luck on weapons stacks with luck on survivors and affects survivor traits as well as weapon traits. Long stated by NG devs, seems to be backed up by the lengthy analysis of various players. As for why there might be traits that aren't useful together, this is a freemium game, so it's a random selection and some…
  • @DBones I take your point but its possible they've chosen those traits with Morgan specifically in mind. Morgan has the same base damage as a hunter. OK, bruiser weapons only have 92% of the damage of equivalent level/rarity hunter weapons, but give him an area effect weapon with those traits and he's suddenly a hunter…
  • Is "graveyard" the right name for this thread? Since anybody who quits is giving up the grind, "rebirth" might be more appropriate. Here we salute those who got their life back.
  • But that's saving you from disappointment. Legendary fragments + components offer you the highest failure probability of any all-one-colour badge combination. Since your ratio of legendary components to fragments is likely to be much higher than 4 to 1, I think the best strategy (for your mental health, at least) is to…
  • bowyang bəʊjaŋ In Australia and New Zealand, a cord or thong tied around the leg under the knee by people whose work involves a lot of squatting, to stop their trousers from falling down. Originally from Lincolnshire, England (bowy yanks = leather leggings).
  • I had a legendary fragment drop in the camp cinema once, when I was just looking for some extra fuel. Most unexpected fluke ever.
  • Ignore me, I misread this as being about a "next turn in mission" button, not next-round-in-challenge. Doh.
  • OneLessTitan (a.k.a. Professor Earthtones) gives his thoughts on appropriate badges for classes on this page. I don't always agree with him on these things, because he barely uses melee and doesn't explore that side of the game as much, but he's always worth reading.
  • True that badges don't work in outposts for defenders. They do work for attackers.
  • He can't smell as bad as Michonne. When she's on that board, the walkers don't even turn up.
  • spanghew spɑŋ′hju A game played by * laying a shovel flat on the ground with the blade facing upwards * placing a frog or other small animal on the far end of the handle * stamping down hard on the spade's blade, thus launching the animal into the air
  • She does a bit more damage in the short term, but he's going to last longer and so do more damage in the long run, and not just because of Iron Skin. Retaliate helps kill enemies more quickly, helps charge faster, helps move across the board faster. I vote Lee. Sry BiggyGuy, realise jokez, still registering disagreement ;-)