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This will help brusiers for sure... :)
Nope , it wouldnt make a dent in the power range currently has. It would help, but melee need a lot more boosting in regards to being able to take hits, get charged and move after attacks.... then melee will start to be on par with range
  • If you are going to run jackpot, can we get it from the start of the challenge on Wednesdays from now on.. The event is terrible with low odds... majority of the game playing takes place the the beginning of the challenge as most players are able to get through the large portion of rounds before the snails pace happens on…
The more important part over the multiple targets …. Melee is hand to hand combat range is from a safe distance. So of course we need higher % to even make it viable. 
  • Not to getting into a lot of things but the Actress that played Andrea , well tried to sue AMC for being killed off the show so soon. So If I had to guess it’s why you will never see her in the game….JS
  • There is another TWD game that plays 1 hour wars.. i suggest you play that game instead.
  • I think they should change his LT to a guarantee % of DR and not how it is now with a chance % that this % will kick in. Makes it hard to build a character like him or ones to have around him. Like say currently mine is lvl 7 which is 49% chance that 60% of the damage is reduced. Also take Zekes retaliation LT away from…
Yes I didn’t word it the right way but yes. Sucks when it doesn’t prioritize the tank or spike that can reach you that are slightly adjacent to regular walkers and the tank or spike walks to the side of them and hits you and now your stunned or bleeding or in a struggle 🤦🏻‍♂️. But yes I think we are all on the same…
I know that but the marking of the list of specials i mentioned is more important I believe to his value. 
  • Just change his LT to only target/mark Tanks ,Goo , spikes and fast and humans . All other walkers don’t stun or make you bleed. So his LT is wasted when it randomly marks a regular walker or even metal heads /armored. They don’t inflict any special damage/effect on us. So please adjust his LT to only deal with these…
I completely agree jackpot is trash. I also only got 1 gold and 1 silver this past event. 
Me as well 😞 
  • Full video playlist up to round 80 is now uploaded 
So you increase the spawn difficulty without letting us know ahead of time and in the process you keep the rewards the same. NG just adding more nails to the coffin. And to have only the same people 2 weeks in a row being able to pull off these ridiculous scores and the rest of the top players not understanding how…
  • Support must of quit… 3 days and no answer at all let alone the exchange of tokens. Pathetic really. Just keep pushing us all further out the door is what they are doing. 
  • I know I’m Just bringing up the obvious. Especially this week with the major increase in spawn levels without notice. The game mode if you want to score high on is a tool dump. However when they pull this and increase the spawn level dramatically like this. And it catches us all off guard it is a major tool dump. 
Exactly my point. Being aware of a major increase in difficulty on the waves should be communicated. 
  • Congratulations gals and guys 👏 
  • @Fluxxx any chance I can get my gold back from all the quick healing I was doing from the nonstop fails from not being able to tell if the walkers are stunned , rooted , crippled or just on fire. I ran out of time this past challenge from the nonstop replaying the nightmare rounds where we have herds building up and can’t…
  • Im curious what everyone is thinking about the new icons above the enemies. I personally think it makes things harder to see who it crippled, rooted or stunned. I also think we need less on the screen not more stuff. Let's hear it!!!!
  • I personally hate them, we need less stuff on the screen not more. It makes it hard to tell who is crippled and who is rooted or stunned.
this picture is not from this current season.....
💯… give us the usage of our badges in defensive modes. 
  • No the spear gun is great can cripple up to 4 targets. But with yumiko in lead your toons won’t split the shots. They will hit the main target and if other targets are are in line they will get hit as well. I have the spear gun and use it 
  • Winners announcement Wow you guys/gals are awesome with all of your great suggestions on these cool dream weapons. I hope NG makes them all 😊 I personally love the idea of a sling shot as I have one in RL. So the issue with that was we had like 7 or 8 of you recommend/ come up with that particular weapon. So I can’t pick…
I would hope the would retune it but I highly doubt they will. Remember the silent harpoon fiasco 😂 
  • yea that bow is basically rendered 100% useless at the moment with the cripple bow or even flare being the must go to weapon. So changing this one to a non body shot weapon and increasing the damage greater would potentially bring its value to the party.... Im all for it, but would have to be included in the BM or GW…
  • I wasn’t going to get involved in this post at all but I can’t sit back and read all the BS spewing from WW mouths no more on this. @Karajoca man you are the biggest hypocrite This game has ever seen. You can claim this was done in protest all you want. It’s your only line of defense, and it’s a shitty one at best. You…