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  • You have me blushing Mick! I forgot to mention we've changed it to level 23 entry. ;)
  • Peg, no that was another guy I think.... Trever Put on a skirt and headed to the pool... The mud pit actually. I think when the stones played... It's pretty hazy, I was really drunk at the time... I was sittin there just wasting time, Smokin, drinkin, trying to ease my mind... :D B)
  • Ooooh flattery will get you in! Yes do check us out ! I'll bring the candles, pegs got the rum. It will be fun! I'll hang onto the bar if you're going to speak Australian, it drives us USA girls crazy, ya know! Splat. Floor . You cook too? Be still my heart <3 that's a real treat! Sure you're welcome to come in , bring…
  • Did I mention it's the men's swim team from Switzerland ?
  • Trever? How could you forget? :'( I named him after our song! ...our flower child.... Purple Haze.... Rolling my eyes..... Throwing an ashtray at your head... Ugh, missed. :/ You tried to hold him but wouldn't set down your beer. :s :s You dropped him on his head an he's never been right. Hes obsessed with pools . :# and…
  • The wheels on the bus go round and round. , round and round , the wheels on the bus go round and round, all through the town. Yes an old song, but thought I'd sing it for the kiddies. All aboard the party bus! Trever? Hey! Trever! Holding up beer can , rattling ice in the cooler.... That's it, come on Trever... There ya…
  • Trever??????? Did you find the pool? :o B)
  • Minimum is 1000 X your own level. Must be active. If we're full go to Double Shots2. <3 We speak English here and communication is REQUIRED.
  • If you're below entry level, or can't do minimum, ...come grow with us at Double Shots2..... To advance to Double Shots <3 B)
  • Hey Banz, Yes it has, will see you again soon <3 :) nice pic!
  • Ahhhh lmao. He always lays down like that, trying to get a better view is what he told me. Ladies, watch your skirts around this smooth talker, just show him a beer and some pizza and he's a happy guy. No, more beer than that! Hey we're full this event, tune into the same bat channel at the same bat time for more episodes.…
  • Two 2 Too! :D :p
  • Where the lead is Hot and the Beer is cold, come slide on the ice with us! #6 leaderboard posse, looking for enthusiastic riders who don't fall of their horse. :D You'll find us waiting @ Double Shots
  • Heeeeeeeey y'all, need three riders , with no fear of pushing the limits. Someone who has a fast horse, not a glue stick with a saddle. Haha :D If you can speak English and have the salt to run in a leaderboard team, come on over the gates are OPEN. B) >:) let's see what ya got Join us at Double Shots Communication is an…
  • Don't quit! We need motivated players that like to climb to the top. Must like competition in this forgotten game of no updates. ( eye roll) AHEM..... We make the most fun out of it as we can... B) come join us and help us climb to the top Double Shots
  • Looking for riders who like to compete in the top ten.
  • Hi misfit. See the icon with all the people on it, to the left. Tap that and you can type in our name Double Shots It will search for us, and there's a red button that says send request. It's that easy :)
  • 6 riders wanted. B) Send a request. Leaderboard Posse *Level 27 for entry. AT Least 1000 Xs your level in points ( we do a little more than that.) Speak when ya arrive, we speak mostly English. o:) We like communication and friendly people who can laugh. :D If this sounds like your kind of posse, what are ya waiting for?…
  • Hey Cowboys and cowgirls, we decided to drop the level to 27 ! Catch a mustang and head on over (or send smoke signals! ) Double Shots
  • Oh like the 4 Sixes Ranch... Been there, the place is huge! I think it's a crazy amount of land. :D Haha four sixes ranch. I'll have to google that! Not too many folks have heard of it, I'm sure. Awesome place! Real Cowboys, real steers. It was something to see... <3 Hey y'all ----if you can speak and score points, lol try…
  • Speak English- communicate -score points- kill bad guys and never have to come up with bail money. No Jail. Judge is in the saloon. LOL