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  • Doesn't anyone else want Warrior armor? Doesn't anyone else think that Beta could sure use some additional help with protection? Perhaps including Luck to help with adding charge points while he passes by, or to increase Michonne's chance of another attack? Then add Hazard Suit, Ruthless, and Stun Resistance (or Dodge - Or…
 Let me perhaps explain my scenario. I'm getting there, I manage top 1% - 2% typically. But I'll scout videos watching people use SPY to crush it, while my flavor doesn't do enough damage to keep the multiplier up (though, the flaming cripple pistol might change things). My best, consistent team is Rick, Sasha, Jesus…
  • Reinforcement Tokens -- You may be right. At your current level you might do best to choose one or two favored weapons. Leveling one weapon to current max level would have you paying out 25 +26 +27 +28 +29 +30 +31 = 196 tokens. It might be better to lean towards focusing on one or two good weapons that you can get your…
  • I am NOT happy having noticed this change to 'No Everyday Tickets, Tickets 3x Per week, in a game mode where you're measured by 3 scores' ---> WHAT GIVES? I'm flat out flabbergasted by this change. It's sometimes nice to try different teams in this last stand mode, and here the dev team has made it so -every-single-battle-…
  • IMO, The game changes as your progress towards max level. The farming team should be: Glenn leads, Maggie kills, (Shooter or Assault) assists. Maggie is the highest earning tomato and XP character of all, when led by Glenn and given armor with the 'training gear' trait. Make her strong in the early to mid-game. The game…
  • I do not like this suggestion. It's quite true that Maggie does not have much of a role for people at Max level -- and perhaps if we reach a place where 85%+ of the player base is max level then I'll hop on board. But Maggie's leader bonus is absolutely critical to players who are on that constant cycle of 'L23 now, time…
My thoughts: In terms of the lucky flare gun - this is where I strongly disagree, possibly because I only just acquired a flare gun a couple of months ago (recently reaching max level). But this has me asking how much extra weapon power you are asking for? Adding charging was a nice little bump, especially with the…
No disagreement whatsoever. I burned those tokens while wondering how far back I was setting myself. Then again... I ended up burning ~200 tokens trying to get Punish on Morgan. But yeah... 15 does feel a hair pricey.
I rather agree with you, but I've found one scenario where rerolling those bonuses can be extremely helpful. Specifically: 1. From a L2 Craftsman Only 2. A High %age Health, Damage, or Damage Reduction Badge 3. And a lousy bonus, e.g. '+5% if one of the survivors is Ezekiel' A while back, a bonus reroll took me from…
  • Take a look at JayZ's strategy guide, it'll help quite a lot - and it includes several different team design suggestions. My suggestions: I suggest that you run Bruiser, Scout + Scout OR Beta team as your primary 'I want to fight well…
  • I rather like 8900 RPM's design for Sasha. As high damage as possible - absolutely frightening. Ruthless and Marksman for high damage. Critical Aim for stunning. Lucky to improve Good out of Bad and Critical Aim. And -- powerful badges. Nice job! (Mine's only partway there. I've so many rerolls to do...)
  • Revisiting - because I heartily endorse this PSA. I DO agree with the sentiment that grinding this much can be boring -- but I do it without being bored! Frankly, listening to something fun (audiobook by preference) while doodling my way through some pretty simple grinding is darn entertaining! Just saying,
  • It's possible that I made a mistake with fat fingers --> I just found a couple of warriors in my list of survivors. I've now been credited. Remove this bug report please.
  • That's what I don't really understand. They have a decent business giving people a chance to move forward (e.g. gold, phones, tokens, the rest). Even if many of the bundles aren't great value -- there's nothing that I've seen that's so unfair to players. And yes, I've probably sent them $20 over time, for this…