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  • (Quote) I agree with your original post 100% and I promise you there was no snark in my post. I just don't know what else to do. After the end of the second day and I was only on level 11 on every map (except death trap and delivery man) I just qu…
  • Yeah, I could see it being nice to gift the top earner a reward of some sort, something to thank the top earner and something to motivate people to max out and be #1, though it does seem like a bit like a low priority item. In the mean time you cou…
  • I'm not drawing any lines. I'm also not going to waste any more of my day arguing about this as it is going nowhere. IF anyone feels the same and things don't get fixed soon please consider playing other parts of the game along with us until it is …
  • (Quote) Spending money for gas and playing the game is different than paying to upgrade everything immediately and then playing the game. No disrespect to conquer and Im not disrespecting the idea of paying to win even. Im sure that not everyone i…
  • (Quote) Maybe so. I'm not sure who posted this thread again, but I think it's less stamping their foot to feel important and more feeling like the other thread was purposely derailed to keep people from a guild from posting on the forum at all. …
  • (Quote) Paying to win and spending money in a game aren't the same thing. No problems with people spending money. :)
  • *facepalm*
  • Im pretty sure that's just one person still playing, and that's fine.
  • We aren't striking the game. Why aren't we welcome here? What have we done to not be able to post here?
  • (Quote) I understand what you're saying. We don't need to be remembered though, it's a win either way. We don't play the challenges until the rewards are adjusted so we aren't wasting time worrying about it. We play other parts of the game and get…
  • (Quote) I don't think it will actually help anything either except it's a better use of time for us until the rewards are fixed and from what we have gathered, probably a better use of time and gas for everyone. We thought if people joined us, it mi…
  • (Quote) I don't think that's what he meant, and I do think he misused the term old boys club. He meant that it was just players that had been around since the beginning.
  • Thank you for your opinion. Im asking you again to leave me alone. Your contact with me is unwanted. I see what you're doing here and I don't want anything to do with you. You and your clique come around and purposely derailed the thread becau…
  • We were told by Teeceezy that if he wanted to recruit or communicate on the forum he could do it through another member. We already had permission to do this guys.
  • (Quote) No, I disagree. The thread was closed because it was purposely derailed, not because the discussion was futile. Do you have anything else you need to discuss in this thread? I would appreciate it if you would leave me alone. I'm aski…
  • (Quote) No I doubt that since we aren't quitting the game, just not playing the challenges for now. I'm not sure who started this thread out of my guild mates but I'm sure they didn't appreciate the purposeful derailment of the first one. The reaso…
  • No, I hear you. I only play because of my daughter. Well I'd pry play uncharted on my own maybe, but doubtful I'd sit down and play a game like I do now if it wasn't for her. Well, actually I'd pry play Ratchet and Clank too. It's pretty fun lol
  • You know we can read all the threads in here, right?
  • Im playing uncharted 4 with the kiddo. And ratchet and Clank. No mobile games on my list yet.
  • All I see is who is being toxic now. What happened before I don't know, but you all are sure dead set on getting this discussion closed, huh?
  • The point is, there are no illegal alters and he isn't posting or having conversations with anyone. There is no need to smear someone with that kind of vitriol who isn't able to respond and hasn't posted on the forum in six months.
  • He isn't back. Guys, keep that stuff off this thread, please.
  • He isn't on the forums. I hope you aren't implying that I am Grimey.
  • (Quote) Yes, we had someone play through so we could see what we were dealing with and we determined that it wasn't worth it to continue playing them. This isn't a temper tantrum, we simply aren't going to play the challenges. We didn't come to it …
  • it's hard not to laugh at the totally unexpected phrase human dildo when it popped up on my screen tho lol
  • (Quote) completely agree