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  • Don’t understand the decision for Monday & Tuesday instead of the weekend. 
  • @Fluxxx When will the next badge removal be during this GWs break? Also, an extension will be appreciated. Ty!
I’m telling y’all, it’s the RP’s! Increase them and watch how it’ll boost morale! 
  • I think the problem is the reward points structure. Why not up the pvp points as sector levels increased to match those other battles within the sector? As a Leader, I don’t like the fact of having a few players raking in points while the cleaners (lower level players) always end up with a 360 score for helping them. The…
They can get that some-what experience in the Outpost. At least that’s what I did when I was new & green behind the ears.
  • I think the red gas should take the place of the green gas option. Folks like me that want to push their survivors into higher level battles tend to use a lot of red gas. It’s frustrating not having red gas, worse not having the option to buy a boat load.
Hey there @Fluxxx Thanks for responding to our concerns. Is there an option to provide additional info on new members such as number of walkers killed, achievements? Also,those players that move guilds regularly are also the ones that purposely join a guild like mine with no intention to truly be a long term…
Lately, I’ve been leaving it open & been getting new players coming in, signup on GW & dont battle. I still think @Fluxxx can fix this. Otherwise, my guild will never be competitive, and it causes other members to lose interest, sometimes just leave. So, I never have a full guild with quality members. Again, due to…
Yeah, I’ve tried that a few times, but received little to no requests. So it was really a waste of paying for ads. I just think additional info should be provided on players. I don’t understand why that info isn’t adjusted. 
  • What if new members are automatically restricted from joining GWs & placed on a a trial period? During the trial period, leaders can see how active new members are on weekly challenges & make their decisions on keeping or releasing the member. Right now, I have 3 newbies this week & all 3 signed up on day 1 of GWs. With 3…
  • I think players achievements & profile should be included so, leaders can decide if new members are legit players or just a ghost created to hurt the guilds.
  • Thanks for posting this! In the past 2 months, I’ve dealt with a person becoming a member then withdrawing. That person’s in & out deliberately took up our entire chat. It was during GWs too. 
  • Only received 32 Tara, 64 Carl, 32 Rick. Pretty disappointing results!
  • I wish leaders had the ability to assign members to the days too!
  • Just wondering if inactive members receive rewards too? We have won 3 GWs just curious if the members that don’t signup received the rewards. I’ve asked but not one has replied. It’s cool if some don’t care for GW & don’t care to chat but what’s the point of being in a guild for these folks?
  • I had a member sign up but couldn’t play bcus not enough members signed up. That sign up counted against her. The day shows absent but she still is of a chance to play twice.
  • Also on the 2 days to participate, I had a member sign up today but was unable to participate bcus of no other sign ups. She ended up losing 1 day & now is down to 1. I’m obviously not a fan of the limited 2 days per member.
  • As a Guild leader, I would like to have the ability to actual place/assign members to the days instead of relying on them to sign up. Remove the following: 1. The 2 days per member (I play every single day) 2. The limited number of attacks 3. The number of signed up members needed down to 3 instead of 5. Also, it’ll help…