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  • Why there is this shitty call and no my favorite 10 radio call??
  • Wow, another disappointing event... :(
  • > @mack22 said: > What about Heath? > His leader trait could be disappear. Good that you mention him, yes, i wanted to add him, but we don't know if he is alive and if he'll be back at second part of this season (propably not) > @Mabiki said: > Jadis would be horrible, as every scene with the garbage people has been trash.…
  • Like it? It's awesome af! :smiley: Doing it permanent should end grind in this game.
  • Maybe a little chance to get some extra radios? Everybody after Sasha and Abe days must be out of radios so one day of double radios from creates might be a good idea. ;)
  • > @TJS said: > I think @tristaniz have a good point that we haven't had a scout yet so I'm guessing she's probably right with her predictions for tomorrow. But on the other hand, NG missed in first hero week all scouts and in second hero week they missed all shooters, so there is a chance there'll be no scout again. I got…
  • Oh wow, my wonderful Sasha! :smiley: Now I'm proud NG ;)
  • Maybe NG ain't included last 7 heroes (Merle, Tara, Rosita, Glenn, Rufus, Gabriel, Eugene), becouse they want to do Hero Week 4 with only them. Then present Hero Week will only include important ,,All out War'' characters. Can't see a better way.
  • No way, Negan?? It's bad, too bad...
  • @MadPuppy Men, i don't need friends in this game/forum, but usefull survivors. Daryl got he's chance to get promoted, give it to some other heroes. Yeah, you're not doing The Distance but there are some people who wanna finally finish it, but they can't, becouse this game don't give us any chance and i think Daryl isn't a…
  • Well, I used 0 radios and got him on pink too. So what, you think he'll be usefull after that? Maybe as cannon fodder for The Distance.
  • Wtf, this Dixon again!? We want this other Dixon! :disappointed:
  • Rick again!? I got him on gold already. Need more new characters - Merle, Gabriel, Aaron or ever Eugene.
  • > @Teeceezy said: > Lineup won't be announced this time around - we want to keep it a surprise! :) If it's not Aaron included in Hero Week, than it's no very well surprise :d Btw, today is Rufus 10 radio call, why? He should be included in hero week...
  • Goddamned, i hate this call and i think this game starts to hate me... Just f****** lost 360 radios for one 128 carl's token card and one 5* shooter who's not ever good...
  • > @bladgier said: > Michonne once again or riot :p No
  • @Pain_Walker said in his video ,,NG are listenning to the community''... We will get Hero Fest after asking for Hero Week Part 3 and after one of the moderators said it will be realised ,,Soon''. Or maybe they want us to get out of radios before Hero Week becouse cutting hours from phone event wasn't enought :D
  • > @Teeceezy said: > There'll be other stuff going on in the meantime, don't worry! Waiting for surprises, what we can expect? More Jackpoot, double suplies, season 8 missions and ultra special 10 hero calls... nah > @TransmuteJun said: > Just wanted to let you all know that this is still a few weeks (+) out, so you're not…
  • > @Teeceezy said: > Just wanted to let you all know that this is still a few weeks (+) out, so you're not holding your breath. :) But dear @Teeceezy , the rules of Hero Week 3 are the same like this in Hero Week 1 and 2? Can U include how many Heroes call days this call gonna have?
  • They are probably discussing about adding Aaron to Hero Week, hope for the best ;)
  • > @Drunken said: > Lets cut to the chase. There are heros non of us care about left for that week *cough* Eugene *cough* Would NG be so kind to redo lets say *cough* Sasha or Abe *cough* again? > We got a chance to get Sasha's and Abe's tokens. They are the most usefull heroes, but let's keep the chances at the same level.…
  • > @TheLostOnes said: > I guess there are two types of hero calls and looking at the comments in this post, it seems some expect one, and some the other. > > There's the 15-radio call with increased chance of a specific hero and then double the number of those tokens if you get them. > > Then there's the 40-radio re-roll…
  • > @bababooey said: > What heroes are left for week 3? I can’t remember Merle, Rosita, Tara, Rufus, Glenn, Jerry, Gabriel, Eugene and Aaron. I don't think Aaron will be included, but on the other hand it would be amazing
  • > @Teeceezy said: > There'll be a Hero Week 3. Ok, if so, my sincerest apologies and totally respect ;) ...and big thanks! :smiley:
  • Another NG logic - Doing 2 hero weeks which included mostly old characters (except Governon), forgetting about new in game, rare characters: Eugene, Gabriel, Jerry (mostly useless, but still collector) and Merle. Now those less usefull characters are totally useless against to all other.
  • I just woke up quicker for this event and it's gone already! Once again, not cool NG :/
  • Yeah, NG added special calls without new and rare heroes (Eugene, Gabriel, Meryl, Jerry), in my opinion we need those special calls to equale them to older survivors.
  • In my opinion, this is your bad luck friend, RNG don't like you :/
  • Still no mission with my favorite Abe :'(
  • Awesome @Teeceezy thanks for fast answer :)