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  • I know others have successfully received refunds when NG made changes to equipment in the past. Apple has a refund process but I don't know about Google. Search the forum for "refund" and you may find something. I like your analogy although I would revise it as you paid for an Audi, you got the Audi for awhile and then one…
  • @JackBauer if that is how you choose to live your life that's fine. Some of us don't feel the need to roll over and take it when something happens with which we don't agree.
  • I generally don't get too upset about all the needless changes that NG makes based on their apparently arbitrary concerns but nerfing interrupt is a big deal to me. I built my whole ranged arsenal on the promise that 100% interrupt meant 100%. I spent real money acquiring and upgrading weapons with that trait. Now, it is…
  • I've run a couple of test outpost raids with the double xp and when facing lvl19 walkers, I'm getting between 25-30,000 xp for 1 gas unit.
  • @wrinkled_bag obviously if you have unlimited gas then exploration missions are the most productive but not everyone wants to pay for the bundles. If you are looking to maximize XPs on a per gas unit basis, raids are surprisingly efficient even with the change where there are no longer multiple spawns.
  • Doing outpost raids for 1 gas a mission should net you about 20k per raid so an exploration mission would need to equal around 120k xp to match 6 outpost raids. It can be higher if you just focus on the spawned walkers after you open the gate.
  • Just remember that you need more than one space between you and the walker for interrupt to work. If the walker doesn't have to move to attack you, the ranged interrupt does no good. That is why you end up doing a funny dance when you are facing upper lvl walkers. You are trying to keep one space between you and the walker…
  • @Kaitlyn If you haven't used your charged attack and you bandage after bleeding, you should still have your charge left assuming you aren't hit again during the next turn. Usually, getting hit again is what creates the issue of never being able to use your charge but there are times when you still can.
  • My experience is that if a walker is one space away, ranged interrupt has never stopped them and they get that attack in. I can't speak for meelee interrupt because I never use it. Gold interrupt should be 100% effective for anything it hits. The Dumpster mission is also where I have seen erratic behavior on which walker…
  • I agree and that is the way I also assumed it worked but @Kappa123 is seeing something different.
  • @Shteevie thanks for the response. Because @Kappa123 is only seeing the issue with Tank walkers and he/she is always seeing it, it at least suggests that the code does treat tanks differently than regular walkers with respect to first movement (i.e., regular walkers move first).
  • @Shteevie @Kappa123 is it possible that the normal walkers move first so that even if they are further away, if they are in range, they get the first shot? I always assumed the closest got the interrupt shot but if it is based on first mover, then maybe that explains it. I've noticed strange overwatch shots on the Dumpster…
  • @DIblis yeah, I think you missed the part where this was supposed to be a joke. NG is the one that instituted the filter in the chat rooms that don't let you use what they deemed obscene. It became a running joke for awhile to figure out what would trip it up and how to get around it. Trust me when I tell you that @Perdtin…
  • I earned 2 Jesus tokens for the 1 phone call and 8 Glenn tokens for the 5 phone call.
  • I have received hero tokens from both 1 phone and 5 phone calls.
  • @squad I hope this answers you questions: You have to complete all six story missions in Episode 10. You have to go in order from 1 to 6. You don't have to complete any of the exploration missions. They are just there for your benefit. On the weapon traits, I believe they are random but someone else will have to confirm…
  • I had 442 deadlies and got 87 gold. While I am happy to get something, the amount seems a bit low based on what people with a lot less deadlies recceived.. @Teeceezy
  • I don't think any weapons are offered on hard or nightmare mode.