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  • I would have just liked some warning. This wasn't in any of the commentary that I saw on the 1.9 upgrade. I was only 58 missions away from 500. I have been playing a long time but haven't really focused on completing this achievement because I thought it would just happen eventually. If I had at least a week advance…
  • @Ovidmikel your experience sounds similar to mine which supports the idea that somehow @Vintage_Bull is getting the short straw. I agree that there doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason but I do consistently pull lvl 18-20 uncommon/common gear and 15-17 leg and epic. @Vintage_Bull hopefully as you move up in player lvl,…
  • @lmfgunnut I don't blame Scherzer. The way they structured his contract with all the deferred payments, it cuts the annual contract value in half. You are basically paying him Jeff Samardzija/Scott Kazmir money. He can definitely be maddening at times but other than the Werth playoff walkoff in 2012, Scherzer has already…
  • @lmfgunnut lol, does he yell "Go Bryce" for Murph and Zim? It will be tough on him if Bryce leaves just as he is starting to understand who he is. I have a seven year old and I had to explain why Desmond, Span and Zimmerman left this year. He was not happy.
  • I think it is clear that as a general matter, the higher the player lvl, the more likely it is that you will pull higher lvl weapons/armor. I don't think that anyone is disputing that. But I think @Vintage_Bull 's point is that for the level his is at, he seems to be pulling lower than anticipated weapons/armor. Myself and…
  • Maxing out your workshop probably helps but mine is lvl 14 and I have pulled multiple epic and leg weapons/armor at lvl 15 and above. For example, I have pulled at least 13 leg and epic assault rifles and 16 shooter handguns at lvl 15 and above. I don't know if it is just luck or if @vintage_bull is doing something that…
  • I think there are two issues here. Yes, @Vintage_Bull still has room to upgrade but it sounds like he/she is just having bad luck on pulling weapons/armor at the higher level. I am lvl 45 and don't have a maxed out camp but I still pull epic and leg weapons/armor at lvl 15 and above. It definitely seems less frequent than…
  • Late to the party but here are my results. Right before the event, I pulled one legendary max lvl 19 warrior with the same number of calls (12) with everything else rare so I had much better results during the event than right before: Player: 44 Council: 17 Training Grounds: 17 Radio tent: 7 12 15xRadio calls: Epic Bruiser…
  • The other thing to be careful with bruisers is that if someone has max dodge (gold dodge on character and armor) and gold luck, your bruiser may not inflict any stun. Nothing worse than relying on your bruiser to stun and getting the dreaded dodge. They tend to be sitting ducks at that point in the outpost. I don't know…