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  • NG the answer is put a new tactical flare gun with cripple infused trait in next GW shop. Thanks for your consideration!
  • Alternatively, I used to unlock everyone as I got them and it definitely helped having the extra toons to complete the distance and collect rewards every week. As I leveled up council I was able to level all my best heroes first and the least important ones last. By the time I was ready to increase the council again I was…
  • The "ABSENT" problem could just be rectified by giving those affected players the option of playing on another day (if even possible) or a determined number of reward points. It is extremely difficult for most guilds to coordinate and schedule which members play on which days and I see this is not a problem that is…
Badges are definitely easy to change, however, what about her traits? Depending on your defensive or offensive strategy you may want to reroll her traits accordingly to make her more effective either way. Defense is Lucky, Revenge, Retaliate, Dodge. But what would going full offense look like? Lucky, Marksman,…
  • This is the exact same thing happened to me on the Nightmare Distance Crash Test #19. I had lit a spiked walker on fire and placed a disposable survivor between him and Sasha up in the left corner and he killed both at once even though she was behind him. It happened so quickly and with no struggle, therefore, I couldn't…
  • As long as I'm still allowed to watch TWD NML challenge videos on youtube so I can compete, I'm in!
  • Get rid of PvP all together. It is pointless now especially with red gas as an option to replay. If you somehow managed to lose a PvP I feel horrible for you. It’s a complete waste of resources (waste of an attack too) with minimal rewards to show for it. No one wants PvP sectors but does them to sacrifice their scores for…
  • We had one event in March and one in September, so it appears to be every 6 months. Hope I'm wrong, but my guess is next March.
  • I support you but most people will probably be upset since they already scrapped their worthless survivors for xp following the council upgrade in order to level up their other survivors quicker.
  • I suggested adding more weapon/armor options in trade goods store. They don’t necessarily have to be high end but at least you could see the traits ahead of time.
  • I get that you prefer weapons to be rare, however, almost every weapon has already been offered at one time or another "for free" within the game without the need to purchase a bundle. Those that purchase bundles often end up with a ton of gold and could have the option to use it how they please (ie. buying more weapons or…
  • I'll probably get torched for saying this but it amazes me that no matter what NG puts out, there's just always people complaining. It's also surprising to me that they even listen to us and try to appease us as a fan base with the whining. The truth is 99% of us will continue to play no matter what they do because we are…
Thank you for listening! It's a great opportunity for F2P players, gold savers, new players and those who missed out on getting various older weapons during past spring, summer, winter events, etc. You won't please everyone no matter what you do but I believe it's a success and a great offer even if there's only one…
  • Maybe NG will offer a better Lucille once they finally decide to update Negan’s hero leader trait to something that would make his character worth using...
  • Flare gun Lucky hockey stick Golden Incendiary Rifle
  • @Fluxxx any thought or idea when the next call to arms event may be? I think twice a year is reasonable (one every six months). Thanks!!!
  • True. It doesn’t matter how your PGG is set up at higher levels on Green Thumb. Just open boxes and get out ASAP! Protect him with bruisers. 
  • Most of my guild mates and I are leaning toward glass cannon (or are re-rolling him that way). He could prove handy in GW on Search for missions with two bruisers. You may need someone to kill some walkers if you get stuck. Even as a defensive scout, how many hits will he take before he is in a struggle? I guess it depends…
  • Change Both
  • Thanks TWDaddiction! I just picked up the bundle. Hopefully I’ll be getting 2000 soon in the challenge.
  • Thanks. I’m in a lower end guild and typically get 1600-1800 in challenge (RSL 39). Most of time I use scout Rick or Darryl with tactical spear and 2 bruisers. But considering buying this knife. Seems highly recommended. Do you keep it on Darryl and prowl? I’m having trouble getting to level 40 though. Maybe two spears…
  • Which Darryl knife is considered the best? Are any of these the same traits as the one from the sharpest objects bundle from awhile ago?