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  • My timer is not moving on tent for radio no decrease so i will not get my 6 hour call ?
  • As I posted on my own thread. I want Carol thats all. I run guild called Carols Cookies. So I need Carol .. but im not paying for radio calls i have to wait for them to drop. radios and to wait for 10 is going to be a long time. I refuse to pay one …
  • Unacceptable . Once i get tokens enough to get carol then ill buy stuff again ill not buy anything until i get her on roster. Gonna be a long ass haul of time i know . But with no way to buy her ill wait. I could spend 100s of dollars on calls only …
  • so far so good. but i plan to keep all my toons at lvl 11 ish for a while til i upgrade and get all the armor/weapons i need and upgrade. I refuse to go to assault finish that as i know it means more money/or time. I spend a small portion on gas. si…
  • Oh and i see how much their outpost cycle points are at the higher they are the higher there defense there is no other method to choose from . Choose matches unbeatable or nothing
  • We have no options to be matched with level 28 outposts with 8. /9 level toons. After spending at least 200 in supplies 20 tries to find a match i think that is a bit much dont u? Before patch i would spend maybe 50 supplies to find appropriate leve…
  • I repeat if your low level being matched with 75 plus outposts withlevel 11 s plus vs your 8s and 9 s is not fun. Dont loose your supplies to level 100 s . Use up your supplies before logging out no one will want to raid with no supply rewards. You …
  • I am so angered about this have tweeted it and fb about there is no more raiding for low levels we can no longer win a raid and high levels can raid level 8 9 simple taking all our supplies to save for legends. While i buy things on occasion apperen…