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  • increase the capacity of the guild to 25 or 30 members
  • also,NG didn't fix the RP (round pass) sistem,for 3rounds each,and not 5rounds,like they did before,and fixed last time.. another idea,is to create a bonus ★reward (yep, it will be another bonus reward), that gives 18★ if we do a perfect round, 15★ if we lose 1 to3★..10★ if lose 3 to 6★...etc.. this way players will be…
  • Lol..but yep,almost.. Many games have an automatic play. My idea is most for scavenger mission,and that could help more players that cant give full attention to the game most part of the day.. this way we take the risk of getting injury,but will get more resources,more players will be logged,and the game keep more activity
  • Not a bad idea,but for a warrior class
  • One thing is true..in the tv series, he always had a pistol.. But for me the best way,is to give him the punish trait,that way he can be a shooter,and use de hand blade to kill nearby Walkers
  • I've post something about outfit,and my idea was to put them some " power" more HP,more atk,or defense or another trait. But only one could use it at same time.I know that armors already do that,but who wouldnt like to buy Merle's outfit (1000 gold) and have extra 10% atk? Ofcourse that lower outfits will get lower traits…
  • For wht i know they have change glenn's last trait.
  • And spend gold just to disguise and play halloween, thats a great idea..the outfits will improve even more those status,with or without armor upgraded..
  • :) i could named all them, but thats why the ( ... ) do ;)
  • I really like the idea of getting new missions,from season 1 to 6..and even if we couldnt get those dead heroes,we could play with them in this missions. But not just as week mission..i guess that would be best if it was as story mission..many have finish the story mission,and dont have much to do now..
  • If u didnt notice,one of the biggest prob here,is about the walker pit,bc many dont lvlup them,dont use many walkers...that was a way to " force" them to upgrade..
    in Weekend events Comment by Digx May 2017
  • I know that, now the only thing that u have is the guild challenge,PvP and scavenge..at least open the story mode into a new lvl..
  • Wht about a practice outpost,to see how is our outpost,our defense..
  • I understand that u have all max up,and dont have much to do now,maybe open the story mode in a new insane mode for lvl 21survivors..
  • Now for me. finding flamethrowers or molotov,like we find other reg weapons.. create half price upgrade weekend ..
  • 1.15-20 min u have 10 walkers at your gate.maybe have a small mission to use survivors to kill them.. 2.yes 5 or 10 more 3.create weekend boost,half time to upgrade( i cant see why the 5sec boost,if we cant get XP that fast) 4.not to trade for everything,but for radios or crates. 5.once that we dont have any trade…
  • I dont say that some r not good ideas,but most r lame xcusses..time to refill fuel? Why not just put 1 min,or none.. Most of wht u r saying,is to not have any trouble,and finish the game faster,that will take ALL the fun of the game..
  • If this is the tv serie game,why not have all heroes,dead or not,why have random survivors?
  • Other idea, why not use hero tokens just to upgrade the hero trait and ★lvlup,but for the rest we could upgrade w/ class tokens,this way we will need less heros tokens,face the heroes that we have,will be add,and former/dead heroes that could be add.
  • I've told several types of options..if not "real" heroes,i understand the searching for tokens for all them,but just have the character as a "minor" hero,that u could upgrade w/ class tokens..or, if we can buy their vest ,that dont give u any more status,they could give sone sratus,or unluck those charaters. for those that…
  • It would be great,to join them,or have former heroes
  • I like the idea,even if is just a standard survivor,not like a hero..and that we could "lvl up" like regular survivor,w/ class tokens..or at least a minor "power" that need to be combine w/ others..-shane power only ativated when he was w/ Rick's team..
  • Do u will put some of the Fear of the Walking Dead ppl in the game,when it comes on? Or why do not give some of the dead heros of TWD (shane,andrea,hershel,merle,t-dog..etc),even without leader power,or a very small one, or even a combo with others..i know that u have their vest,but isnt the same..
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  • Another idea..why dont u open the story missions,for those that have finish that mode,but with lvl 20,21 and 22 or even 23 for the last missions..this way players can keep playing even more,and not just playing the scanvage mission or PvP or just guild mission
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  • If in the next one everyone choose Rick's,over Michonne's team..so isnt a contest,to see who kills more walkers..i guess that everyone can have the same chance,and not depending on the nrs of players of their team..
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  • Hi there,just wana know/give the idea.. Why the new walker killing contest ( Daryl's VS Negan's) and the next one..is just about killing walkers?why dont u do some kind of percentage of each team..obvius that there r about 10 Dary's players for 1 Negan's..and isnt that fair..if those 10 of Daryl's team kill 10 walkers…
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