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  • I think my support ticket had been chucked into the archive of solved issues (JIRA or something similar). I imagine it would have been even exceptionally frustrated, had I spent so much and lost the account. I am not sure if other players realised their accounts and so their investment could be lost so easily and the issue…
  • @zbot No help from the team and it has been 2 weeks since Morgan 'restored' my account but it's completely screwed and not playable. 1 month is really a long time, zbot, it is indeed.
  • It works now - I have sent a message to support #twdforums #teeceezy #eetu. Not sure what I have done differently to access the help menu.
  • Can't access help menu zbot. I kept tapping 3 fingers (then 4 and then 5) to the loading screen muktiple attempts and it still sends me straight to the forest.
  • I kill the app and login again and again, and again.
  • Have tried on both iPhone and iPad constantly and it's hopeless.
  • I have found another problem. Finally I saw the scren with icons and others related to my lost account but it's immediately reloaded to the trees and wall screen. Is there a product owner team at NG? Maybe some easy fix problems to one company are impossible to fix to another for some reasons. I was previously CoC and BB…
  • It's like forever. The trees are never cleared. Have just tried more than 10 times since my previous msg. No hope at all. Do you know what causes that? Also I suggest only allow the game to save the progress when player level say 10 or finish starter episode - which will avoid problem like mine happen in future.
  • Anyway, I think my issue was solved already. I just have to wait for a bit more. Many thanks for your help @zbot
  • I tried to quit or reinstall 1-2 every hour or so since 2pm already. Now it's 9pm. So maybe I need to wait for couple few days - which sure I could since I've already waited for nearly a month :-\
  • Morgan - finally came back to me :-) to bring good news. However, the game is no longer playable because after the loading screen, it gives me this (see attached) - no objects, no icons, just unresponsive screen. I reinstalled the game like 7 times and not a sign of hope.
  • I followed exactly word by word given in the instruction. Exactly few weeks ago - and after contacted you zbot and then after requested by Morgan. Not miss any bits.
  • @zbot Morgan a member of staff contacted me 4 days ago and sent me a generic message to reinstall the game and reload again. Is that all? He asked for exactly same info I had already sent both in-game and email (and forum as well). Does the backlog still have many left? Wish that moderator(s) being granted privilege to…
  • Cheers up! I finally got a generic, 'personal' message from a member of staff 2 days ago (Hurray) after 4 weeks waiting. It looks positive a bit since they will come back to you in 1-2 months which is reasonable. I think the game is completely broken so they are fixing it now.
  • Troll detected. Keep calm and do not feed the trolls
  • No lawyer needed @ImCam You can simply report an issue regarding to your in-app purchase to Apple iTunes (google reportaproblem) and they will reverse the transaction if you detail what happened. Easy peasy :-)
  • NG indeed never respond to in-game message. It is now week 3 already for me. Forum mod (zbot) did come back very quickly to draw their attention to my ticket. Procrastination just makes things worst for them. It's an issue that I thought would take less than 1 minute to fix but now it is taking weeks (week 4 next week for…
  • Hi @zbot Have we had any update yet? I think in Finland do celebrate Easter as well so maybe I have to wait until next week. T_T Hopefully not.
  • I have been without my account for weeks now. Better the compensation worth the problem.
  • I lost my accout after reinstalled the game to new iphone. They found existing saved game but when it reloaded, I am still at the beginning. So frustrating as I have been waiting for Support to respond. I have private message you my account details. I included a copy of my itunes receipt to prove ownership so it should be…
  • Hi @zbot Please could you help me also. I followed the steps provided and it has been 2 weeks since I first made contact with Support. I even forwarded copy of my itunes receipt in the message in app "Contact us" and no response yet.