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  • Bladgier, I can confirm that London Warriors did have analysed your performance against us on day 2 or 3 and we didn't like it. Score less points next time.
  • Quite frankly, they should remove 'each turn' spawns from maps in GW - if not overall, then definitely on maps where you have special enemies AND need to open containers. In such a scenario you have to kill the spawn, kill/stun walkers and use a turn to open all in the same round.
  • The level of difficulty is soooooo random. Level 39 kill all walkers? Sure, not a problem. Lv37 metalheads, find the clue and respawns every turn? GET IN THE SEA. How many of the former did I find today? None. Bloody loads of metal head respawn maps though.
  • Bare in mind that if you're on this forum, you're likely to be a higher engagement player - who tends to play more. I'm a working dad, with responsibilities that take time - even at weekends. 20 matches felt about right to me - I played my first matches in the morning and finished at 9pm. That was while working from…
  • 1. Gives the top players even more advantage over lower Guilds, although I think this idea is more workable than some others 2. Yup, iOS is still much faster - and top end devices faster than budget ones. Not ideal. 3. Again, an unfair advantage. This impacts not just the player making the sacrifice, but might cause the…
  • A couple of thoughts after taking part in day 1. 1) Numerous times the score went 'missing' especially if I restarted the game. It would reappear after a battle. Not a huge deal, but a little frustrating I'd imagine if the scores are tight (as they will be frequently). I'm on Android. 2) Difficulty level was very spiky.…
  • Aye, no GW, no more NML for me. I'm already fighting with myself over it's space in my free time and my challenge scores are starting to drop off for the first time. Giving it until Xmas.
  • Second half of November on the horizon. Looking forward to hearing news of a December relaunch. Otherwise, tbh, it'll be New Year and new game.
  • Aye, happened to me too. Almost blew 2200 gold on a crap upgrade I didn't need.
  • I assume you'd already re-rolled Sure Shot - or do you value that over Vigilant?
  • Err, what set up are you running? I tried it with a Morgan, Stabby Rick, Driveby Daryl set-up and got spawn swamped on the final gate. Then tried it with Sasha + 2 Assault and ran out of damage to clear down the walkers fast enough.
  • So I'd consider myself a mid/high level player (usually score 1400ish) and made it relatively easily to about 640 stars before ML became too hard. I think mostly because it had lots of lv35 spawns on Narrow Path so opening gates while doing enough damage to not get hit was almost impossible. Not bad though - missing 600…
  • Errr, its Android users who were getting stiffed - the change is to benefit Android, not iOS. For reference, I could score 850+ on iOS in a Guild War but 600 was my cap on Android. Broadly speaking, load times are waaaaay more optimised for iOS (even outside GW) so I'm assuming it would require a huge amount of work to…
  • Yeah, it's not exactly hard to get the 3 or 4 wins needed to keep above 5000... but 5000 TG is such a drop in the ocean that it's hard to care. What do we get during weekly challenges... 20-30,000 or so?
  • I'm still surprised that anyone is playing Outpost.
  • Only if all of them were grenadiers. Otherwise it's a fudgetonne of threat and they're buggers to kill with melee.
  • The community seems to have a fortunate habit of just about making the target ;)
  • Not sure if it's been confirmed, but that gas booster from the Ear Hunt would be kinda useful for this. Edit - seems not. Both boosters will be given out at a 2 day booster at the end. Boo.
  • Meh, Duke ripped that catchphrase off Rowdy Roddy Piper in 'They Live'. OBEY - WATCH MORE TV - CONSUME - SLEEP
  • Well, that certainly sucks. I've certainly avoided using the musket in Distance because of this.
  • My haul was certainly on the low side this week - one gold in c.80 missions and a few silvers. Statistically it's maybe not that shocking, but it certainly felt less than it has been for a while. The fact Governator got 6 makes me think there's not much going on.
  • The trash weapons/armor thing is a real issue. I've got 280 legendary items, most of which are base lv26 and this week hit max XP because there was nothing worth upgrading. Most of my good gear was bought or event rewards. Even if 50% of traits were good and 50% bad, you'd still get 1 in 8 that should be 'perfect'.
  • Deffo. "Cheese and crackers" is the accepted response to finding out the world is under attack from the forces of nature and most of your friends are dead. As seen in MULTIPLE OSCAR WINNER (possibly) The Happening. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AT-q5Gewv9k
  • I've had it quite a few times over the last couple of years - on a Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Tab S2 so not particularly low end devices. Not a problem though and actually quite funny.
  • Yup - and scrap value is exactly the same for all badges (10,400xp for me too) - so why show it on every badge? It's completely pointless.
  • Odd. I'm trying with the musket (upgraded twice not fully) on my guys and on the very rare occasions they don't crit, it is doing approx the damage I'd expect.
  • I'm not following this completely. Are you saying that the musket is doing 25% less than the stated damage output? Or that normal attacks are doing 25% less than you're used to with other scout weapons? If the latter, I assume you're not comparing it to a scout weapon with the Lethal Trait (+15% damage)? Overwatch damage…
  • Which hero did you reject in the first call? I'll admit to dumping a Eugene and getting a goblin on my next two rolls... Generally though I made 6 or 7 calls and got two 256's (heroes) a 256 survivor, a couple of 128's and a whole bunch of 64's. Worst I had was a 64 hero and two greens.
  • I'm not down with the complaining on this. Would double survivors be better than not? Sure. Is a 40 call with guaranteed heroes and double hero tokens (even new heroes) still pretty damn good? Yes, yes it is. I spent about 300 phones on these calls so I wouldn't say no to compensation, but I don't think we've been ripped…
  • I'm interested in other opinions too... but I have a feeling the answer might not be very positive. Oh, and don't have a very happy 4th July - you dirty traitors to the crown! GOD SAVE THE QUEEN! Huzzah!