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  • Y'know, where I come from, "follow through" is what happens when you let rip with a massive fart and a bit of poo comes out. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Follow%20through If that's what's happening on this new skill, I'm fine with that.
  • On the other hand, once you're used to it it'll mean you actually make the mistake less - as you won't get the issue where you run out of adverts and the gold appears in the same spot. I'd give them a bit of credit on this. Short term pain, but long term improvement.
  • Anyone else having problems using the in-game guild chat since the patch? Can't post messages in mine. *edit* - turns out they appeared when I closed down the game and reopened it, so some kind of issue on the first update? Working fine after a restart.
  • Om, nom, nom. Double XP with welcome gift + 5s upgrade = ...leveled up Eugene!!! :(
  • Skipp every other level (saves wasting XP on weapons that are out of date quickly), maximise tomato grinding etc. Personally it took me 15 months and that was going at a fair old pace. I just know others have claimed to have done it in 9 months.
  • Phew, Rufus bullet dodged.
  • So far it's been Hunter (Maggie), Warrior (Jesus), Shooter (Carl), Bruiser (Morgan) so I'd expect Assault and then Scout.
  • I have a horrible feeling it'll be Rufus.
  • Governor can give you a decent boost on supplies in crates, plus when you get to The Distance you could put Glenn into the leader slot and then clear down waves of walkers (up to 100) with assaults to get +supplies bonus on every kill. Generally though, it takes a VERY long time to get to max level in this game. 9 months…
  • 60 views and no comments. I thought this might excite people. *flex*
  • > @ShadowWalker said: > I rationalize it by pretending they're dodging, which makes sense considering what happened in episode 8 last season. Dogging? In a graveyard? Ewwww...
  • I've seen sole survivors 'complete' distance maps while struggling with walkers - I think it happens if their other team member dies elsewhere on the map while they are in the 'end' zone. You lose the survivor but the map is counted as complete. Might also be fire/bleed damage killing the remaining walker needed at the end…
  • Maybe this can be a new feature - like reverse Outpost where you can sneak into another Guild and deposit an annoying guild-mate (space permitting)? Imagine their faces when they log in and find they're a member of Kazakhstan Avengers.
  • Perfect. Cheers Vane - after the change of Star Hero makes sense (or before if we know what is coming).
  • To be fair, if they put a badge swap on Monday or Tuesday next week then that would be better as we'll know the next Star Hero. If they don't then yeah, this is disappointing. Alternatively, they could do badge swap weekend and let us know the next hero in advance...
  • Wrestler used to provide a way of cheesing kills against high level walkers, even if you put it on a weak survivor. It was before my time but sometimes you'll see videos where a scrub survivor takes down a high level tank that it's struggling with... that's the wrestler thing. Nowadays Wrestler still has some use but it's…
  • *looks across with sad eyes at the small pile of unused legendary and epic badges in the corner* *looks across at the countdown timer on Carl's Star Hero status (4d 21h)* *works out that the badge swap weekend would end just as we find out who the next Star Hero is* Hmmmm...
  • On the strategy vids, I tend to use @crambert_nec as his are a little more up to date (post Wrestler Nerf I think) and provide a bit more strategic guidance. However, virtually all of them assume that you're going to have Sasha up until the end, and a large supply of sacrificial lambs. Up until 2 months ago I'd never…
  • You could maybe leave then in the same place on your team, and then cover up that part of the screen with some black tape or paint.
  • Just an idea @Vane but maybe some of the older threads could be unpinned.
  • Hershel doesn't strike me as a coke and hookers kinda guy. Well, not coke anyway.
  • With just the gas from the trade goods shop, 1000 is quite easy within 2 days - but yeah, 1 day needs a gas booster (or no sleep and a lot of luck finding gas in crates).
  • No supplies in crates after a certain challenge round either. Can't remember which.
  • I've noticed this becoming more of an issue recently. Two or three ad ID's resets every couple of days at least. Makes no sense.
  • Thanks for the update Vane. Bit of a kick in the balls for anyone (yeah, I mean me... but probably others) who was just about to use their reinforcement token though. My decision to prioritise an Assault weapon for this weekend over Winter Bow reinforcement not looking quite so smart now. Hey ho.
  • It's fine to have different viewpoints on something, but some of the abuse aimed at the devs / NG has been pretty strong. I doubt anyone comes to work in the morning thinking "hey, let's see what we can mess up today" but in software... bugs happen. Hell, look at half of the AAA game releases this year - Anthem had a multi…
  • I can offer you a Nigerian special call in which I phone you pretending to be a deposed king and you give me your bank account details, in return for 50% of my fortune.
  • ...except the double token 40 calls. Them's the shizzle.