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  • @Felecia Thank you, I may just do that :) @Capleton Thanks a lot man, you've always been awesome and I've always spoken highly of you. @aki Thank you for the kind words. @Annette578 Thanks, you always crack me up, i'll miss the laughs! @TheMurphy Thanks, I agree @tammy BYE! you were definitely my favorite thing about being…
  • It doesn't matter what I got during the event.... it was all taken away since i was rolled back. all the exp, upgrades, stars... *poof*. fun.
  • they haven't landed a single on on me yet, i'm just running past em.
  • I hope it stays that way, it's way too soon for another upgrade
  • @PimpOfTheDead i agree. unless you just upgraded your counsel and moved up a level in potential survivor max....it's so much easier to just get rid of it before it has time to pollute your collection
  • not nearly enough. if you had 20 survivors that would only be 100 items. we are currently allowed 140 and its super slim pickings as it is... you are suggesting they LOWER the limit? lol honestly, they just need to raise the limit to 200 like suggested, or perhaps 10*(survivor total)
  • +1 to this as well, 140 just doesn't cut it any more when you have 18+ survivors in your lineup.
  • Ive had this happen a few times, lucky i never lost anything of value. Since then i am sure to keep my inventory under control to help ensure i don't hit that 140 mark. They really need an XXX/140 counter in the inventory.
  • 90% of this game doesn't fit the lore... You can get swiped, scratched, bit, stabbed, thwomped, etc and be just fine. You can find never ending crates of goodies everywhere and they never end in supply or gain in rarity. You can find goodies on walkers that surround your fence, but don't worry, you won't get infected and…
  • if you need an explanation on how to google a macro program for your platform... then i doubt you could even run the thing anyways, so don't worry about it
  • @bgbelden if you're talking about @outofbox00 , then be thankful you didn't pay for his "exploits" because anything he used was long patched.
  • if you're gonna cheat, then cheat and own it... ...but saying that cheating by using a 3rd party program to farm exp for you isn't a cheat is just lying to yourself.