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  • (Quote) So you wouldn't want piercing on a unicorn rifle (this is for research purposes)?
  • @Ozzy99 Great catch! The table is actually correct, will have it fixed :)
  • (Quote) Yeah, tight schedules are a no no for us now, we know that much :) But even so, I suggest holding off with this until GW, because I that will have a big impact on gameplay in general. Then we can make changes to the star heroes accordingly!
  • Oh yes I should've addressed that. They should definitely not be able to dodge critical attacks (it's impossible in the game), but if it has happened to somebody, please submit a video. Perhaps it could be some form of visual bug that makes players …
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  • All heroes unlock with 1* weapons guys, it's been hardcoded like that - we may try to change it at some point when there's more time at our disposal.(Quote) I don't think unlocking Alpha should be looked at as a $15 investment (though of course it c…
  • MFW I saw this post (Image) But thank you! :D You can follow FW discussions here
  • I've merged the Fast Walker threads together. Thank you all for the feedback guys. They're specific to this challenge set for now, so no worries about them creeping up on you anytime soon 😆 We'll definitely look at this thread and consider tweaking…
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  • I don't think this is happening 😕 in general map changes aren't likely to happen unless we encounter some major issues or they require balance changes.(Quote) I know the campaign screen shows a locked chapter 16, but that is a bug. I don't want to g…
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  • There's been some issues with them, but you should be seeing them soon!
  • Alpha will unlock with a shotgun, but it will indeed be a 1* weapon.
  • Just poppin by to say I hear you and a lot of what you said makes sense, so we'll make some changes to the rewards tomorrow :)
  • https://forums.nextgames.com/walkingdead/discussion/41414/golden-fall-token-collection-table
  • Hmm very interesting idea, will definitely bring it to the table. On a sidenote, are you talking to your dog on FB messenger?
  • Should be fixed now, let me know if there’s still problems.
  • @Verdao1914 I've merged your thread with Firekid's, since it's the same issue. Please see my comment above
  • Yeah 🤦‍♂️ We're working on fixing it now. You can flee the missions and you will receive compensation for it once the fix is in. (No need to submit a ticket) Until it's fixed (if you still want to play the mission) I would advice staying away from …
  • (Quote) Yes they'll be there, they've been dying to meet you :)
  • Yeah, we've always had those limited rewards when new seasons are released 😅
  • The banner will be changed, but it's surprisingly not as easy as you'd think... Anyways did the unpinning and pinning, started the banner process and changed the challenge mapset... I'm afraid your three wishes are up!(Quote) (Image)
  • The warrior bonus will stay for this week, but we've changed the map set to Lakeside (the new one) :) Additionally, we've heard a lot of feedback on the Master Missions, so this week's MMs will be reduced from +6 to +5 difficulty.
  • Yeah, the trait itself is level 7. It's just like @bladgier and @Mystique said. Glad it got resolved :)
  • Think of it this way: For any given map, each walker has an area in which they spawn, on some maps 2+ walkers may share the same area. It's unlucky to have an unfavorable setup of walkers like that, but then again if you've had good setups so many t…
  • Thanks for the feedback on the Harpoon Gun! It is the first weapon of its kind, so we wanted to be cautious with making it powerful (since we know a single trait can potentially change the meta of the game :D), especially with the CA trait and then …
  • ^what he said. But seriously, there is a reason I say that so often. Suggestions come in all the time, and we've got only our team and what we agree to prioritize given the available time and resources. Really cool idea though, I would really love …
  • Normally the chances of radios dropping from the herd walkers is 2/3/5% for Normal/Silver/Gold walkers. During the herd the chances are 1/2/3%. Original comment by Kaz
  • Hmm, do you have any videos of this happening perhaps? Will take a look to see if there's some kind of bug with this. But if you can provide any videos, it would help a lot!(Quote) What's the context of the two? (as in did you see the first Abe on s…
  • Hey, thanks for reporting this :) Support will get back to you and remove the tokens.
  • (Quote) Just to be clear, I'm not remaining silent about this - I just simply haven't had time to take a look at this + we need to wait for the Challenge to end to then take a look at the data and look for cheaters/exploiters (which we've done now a…
  • I think there's a lot of valid points here. It's unlikely that we'll make this change by the next update, but we'll discuss this after for sure. But in terms of implementation, effort, profitability, etc. I would say that we'd sooner increase the nu…
  • It's hard for me to say anything on these, as you know we're focusing on GW which is a big task for the programmers. Any of these changes also requires work and time from them. Titles/ranks are in consideration for sure, I just can't say when that w…