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  • ✌️ You’re doing a „great“ job
  • I can’t understand why the team can’t compensate for the attacks for the absent players, since matchmaking is so cool, if the opponent’s team has 1 player more, then the first team just need to give an additional 18 attacks, distributed either on a level or by the leader and elders. Well, yes, compensation is a sore point…
  • takiye chudesnyye idei, neponyatno, pochemu do sikh por ne vveli tank gubernatora Such wonderful ideas, it is not clear why the Governor’s tank has not yet been introduced.
  • GW wonderful mode! I am waiting for compensation for my time, nerves and money. I suggest you re-read the wonderful novel of Russian classics: "Idiot", as in the novel by Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky. Stay alive!
  • it’s just wonderful, the question is, when will there be compensation for gas, tokens, matchmaking, and a pump for pumping gold first aid kits and grenades, I don’t understand why in my wonderful camp, I can’t collect them myself
  • Uvazhayemyye adminy! Kogda zhe uzhe budet predostavleno vozmozhnost' pokupat' ataki, chtoby drat'sya skol'ko mne khochetsya na voyne, a takzhe granaty i aptechki, chto eto za diskriminatsiya oruzhiyeynykh baronov, vy vveli sliv deneg, pri etom ne vyplatili kompensatsiyu za to, chto kinuli na den'gi polovinu servera, a…
  • Даёшь два дня войны по 20 человек! Субботу и воскресенье с захватом территории и фортов, чтобы давали плюшки держателям на неделю, а не это фарм.
  • Я вообще считаю, что гв убили, весь интерес пропал, то что матчмакинг калл это понятно, но играть 4 дня из 6. Глупо, а как развиваться новичкам, вообще, непонятно зачем мне качать оружие и броню, чтобы получить противников сильнее? Вообщем, с каждым днём люди разочаровываются все больше и покидают играю. Спасибо НГ за…
  • To be consistent and bring the matter to its logical end, and not listen to idiots and whiners, it was necessary before introducing such a ridiculous selection on the Gw, to craft any icons according to the formulas, and only after that cut off the donut flow, every day I go to the Gw the position of people to leave the…
  • Kill maraders and u will be need to spend golds
  • After you cut the branch on which you sit, you offer goods that no one needs now with your innovations, listen to more whiners and people who apparently do not even play this game, otherwise I’m tired of every second in the alliance to reassure that everything gathered to stop playing, and the alliance consists of more…
  • Nice try NG.10/6
  • normal people demand compensation for defective goods.
  • @Silverhawk you are absolutely right. NG killed a chicken laying golden eggs. NC having removed the beginner’s interest in development, they once again went on about the aching elders. Какая нафиг война, теперь ходим только по А линии и собираем черепки.
  • What was your comment about?
  • 1. Matchmaking will prioritize finding you a match with the same number of participants in the same tier. 2. If a guild with the same number of participants isn't found in your tier, the search will be expanded to look for a guild with ±1 participants. 3. If the matchmaking still fails to find you an opponent, the search…
  • Верните деньги за мое время на альтов, за мой донат на оружие, за мой донат на перекаты, за мой донат на улучшение оружия, вы в Очередной раз пошли на поводу у нытиков, при этом мне как новичку в очередной раз кусать локти, окей я Голосую всегда своим временем и деньгам и все это не в вашу пользу, вы кинули людей с прошлым…
  • You give out bans, without explaining the reasons, say that it is ekloyd, and where can I complain that during the war the enemy triggered perks Karl, Nigan, Dwight, and they are not even on the map? It's draining the sword, it's draining 100 gold coins, since the team is all in a coma, you return 20 gold and say good luck…
  • Hi, I also play often in the country, and it’s right there during the battle, they say it’s impossible to connect to the server, what can I wait for a ban or shoot a video for you, tell me how to protect myself, thanks.
  • What you described does not help, since the spot is closed, the attack is spent, but after you exit the mission, it is available again and does not appear as completed.
  • The Same in all Red Machines guilds, pls help, I restarted the app, but this action didn't help.
  • The Same in all Red Machines guilds, pls help,
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  • Same, red machine 8
  • Gold began to drop in crates in seasonal missions. Thx @Vane
  • Hi @Vane, i checked. The game can be run on my device. thx a lot, Best Regards, Galex.
  • вы ввели войны, но при этом , чтобы новички могли хоть что - то сделать, кроме линии А и Б, не дали инструментов, я предлагаю сделать ремесленника 2 уровня, сразу на том же уровне , как можно принимать участие в войне.вы слишком зациклены на игроках высоких уровней ,а для новичков развитие затягивается на долгие годы.…