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  • (Quote) 💯💯💯💯💯 !! + Retaliate/Overwatch bugs (h/t @Shut_Up )
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    in Rick's Trait Comment by Gindy July 2018
  • @DLich -- Just get rid of the AC. Problem solved! (+100 points to @Gindy)
  • Scumbag Antoine? (Image)
  • @DLich -- my pleasure :trollface: :sunglasses: (Image)
  • :kissing_heart: :confounded: :sweat_smile:
  • So you decided to start waving around the gauntlet that is numbers and data and slap some faces, huh @Bill_ZRT? You know I can't resist a challenge. There's lots more to be expounded upon data-wise and I'll open with the Ruy-Lopez: simple yet classi…
  • Since I don't think anyone has posted the full-token play numbers yet? tl;dr: If you're not hardcore ready to be an early adopter, wait. Play as you already do and just buy the RPG when it's offered in the store. There are a full 3000 Summer Token…
  • @DLich -- took me a minute to find, but I did! A little Global Leader Board shenanigans, enjoy :dizzy:
  • (Quote) /tsk-tsk-tsk @DLich (I rolled my secret voting straegy to +3) Let me clue you in on a litte secret: we (wives) almost always keep a little kitty on the side to do/get stuff we want on the sly. I'm not talking about shoes or "stuff&q…
  • > @DoTak said: > @SCBMA your avatar is kinda androgynous, can you maybe draw a moustache or something on there? ;) Says the androgynous cat ;) What "he or she" says!?!? That's not how it works, @freedydaddy. It's *only* what …
  • (Quote) @Boukephalos -- that is hilarious, and I'm painfully laughing at this!! To finish it off properly... (Image)
  • The new guy here ( @jester ) has recently enlightened me that there's this blissful delight called a "Luther (Vandross) Burger". It's a burger (and sometimes with cheese, bacon, and/or fried egg) with a Krispy Kreme donuts as a bun. Pizz…
  • (Quote) Spit On Your Grave? I'll take it up a notch: Teeth. That movie scares all of us.
  • tl;dl: Share your suggestions in how recruiting new members can be enhanced or how a player searching for a new guild can be improved. Wow, this is a blast from the past! Please don't close this as a "necro" -- I'm still a semi-active pl…
  • @DLich, care to provide some advice here? We hail you as the resident SME on this topic...
  • Enough about pizza... Awl this tawk about food, I'm getting hungry, girls... Linda Richman: Nougat is the hot-dawg of candy. Tawlk amongst yourselves, I'm a little verklempt! (Image)
  • @Fingerfood -- watch out for @freedydaddy. He loves pizza (finger-food) and your life may be in danger! :scream: :wink: :sunglasses:
  • All this forum talk about food is making me hungry...
  • @RickGrimes -- I think the "other" guild you're thinking of was Trinity, no?
    in Hey there Comment by Gindy May 2018
  • If you don't play challenge, and all you do is outposting, you have a plethora of TG to spend on shop tokens and weapons. Yeah, you don't earn phones, but you technically don't ever need them if you play this style since TG will more than cover t…
  • Curious if this bug has been addressed in the map, tho...
  • This has been a long-standing issue as @jimmorrison369 has stated. Great on many for providing the additional solutions. One that hasn't readily been directly called out is that on "these maps" if you have the option for "end turn&…
  • I said nothing about Ka-Boom, @Troublemaker. The Getaway map is going to be your bane if it comes back :mrgreen:
  • @CBgaming1969 -- absolutly not. They were tough, but not crazy flying like they've been noted. Since the strange behavior, this map was scheduled to run (called out as a bugged survivor map) and pulled at least once. And, for those curious to legacy…
  • (Quote) Passes @CBgaming1969 a Chernobly. Epic response :) Don't spill it. Or maybe do :trollface: :mrgreen: :blush: :warning:
  • @OneLessTitan and @DLich -- I would have to agree. I don't watch ads anymore and I *regularly* find gold crates in my first pick. I believe the algorithm as a whole stands true for all players and video/gold spend just gives the advantage of quanti…
  • (Quote) Agree, but disagree. There are plenty of people on this forum and other sources who have the playtime and could provide data in a validated form. The game format allows for a concise and measurable format (the challenge round metrics) and h…
  • So, while I do think running this analysis in the way proposed to determine the rate of "what are my odds to open a gold crate per-turn when a gold crate is present", I don't believe it is a fair analysis as a whole. It sounds eerily simil…