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  • yep, and SMY is even more easier
  • where is the guild rewards as before?
  • One of my guild member gotbanned last year,claimed as "Exploits low level survivors tobeat41-43 missions"(the fact he didn't),bad effect lasted till today and there's a low morale among my community. I support you to figure out those questions from NG.
  • 日本サイトが開設して2年足りずにNWチームはできたのは本当に立派だと思う。頑張ってね~
    in Team Japan Comment by Gomose_W May 2019
  • Just curious where do whisperer hide their snipers, rifles and katanas
  • Post for recuitment
    in Team China Comment by Gomose_W May 2019
  • Melee team with 0 pink star is enough to handle the Lv.34 missions. And it will be smoother if you have pink stars. But what really matter is the network condition and the performance of your device… I got 200 scores higher than using a new phone with snapdragon855. There are few players close to 1000 scores in my…
  • > @ekimhclew said: > @Gomose_W > > I know what you mean. I spent every radio on her double calls for so long. And I’ve been mostly ftp for a very long time now. I think I only bought one bundle with 400 radios when I fell a little short getting her to 8 stars. It took soooo long. But so worth it. And now I’m 66 tokens away…
  • I shpent every single call on Sasha in the past 2 years……
  • Damage+Damage Reduction is the best badge plan. Damage rate badges are useless for fighting high level walkers. 3%D+3DR best for Lv.24 players. 3%D+2DR+1HP is even better,if you can reach 80%DR with just 2DR badges~
  • Player Name: 八成新 Camp Level: 68 Guild: 众神之巅 As u see, I'm a player from China,started playing the game since early2017. There aren't that many players in my country, credited to "the wall"you know~ However every times update comes in,lots of people AFK because they can't even visit the google play. We created a group to…
  • > @JackBauer said: > I think @Monsuta figured it out but he was deleted. But If you look through his old posts you may find it. > > Looking forward that @DLich puts that into a excel sheet one day so we can calculate if a +damage badge maybe is better then a +x% The best damage badge without is about 19% or 700. set the…
  • > @ShadowaceAz said: > All attacks are now getting a percent chance added for body shot The Armor trait bullet proof might be stronger than hazard suit---30%body shot rate!!
  • I spent most of the gas and a dozen of time into challenge and just reached 1000 stars. In fact it's boring because there were no walker can survive when I pull the trigger. "no strategy,no thiking,just fire" Let's start it from +1 round~~ Suffer at the beginning,no more grinding.
  • sure shot,lucky and dodge aren't that useful as you think. You can kill normal level enemies easily.In the other way,those traits become week while facing ultra high level enemies. In normal we use a shooter to kill tough walkers,charging is important.I prefer revenge,which hlep shooters to charge quickly.
  • 希望可以改成永久 :p 现在挑战流程太长了
  • Badges're too strong,nerf us survivors plz! B)
  • Defensive Stance is not very useful because of the badge system. It isn't that hard to reach 80%DR~
  • > @Monsuta said: > @jimmorrison369 @Gomose_W > The highest Legendary health badge have 24% without bonus, > 3 set bonus of 28.8% + 6% would be 104.4% of health increase. I think I'll never meet such a ultra badge,not to mention 3 in the same set…… By the way ,what's the best damage badge you've ever seen? 16%+4% as me.
  • > @jimmorrison369 said: 80% damage reduction, plausible, 500% health increase, impossible. That's why I prefer DR. HP badges are too weak nowadays,maybe NG will make it better by nerfing the DR badges. :p
  • Would it be Badge fragment/component event,increase drop rate ;)
  • > @Monsuta said: > So that damage reduction badge you saw 19%+4% was actually 16% with 4% bonus, the 16% was 20% set bonus boosted to 19.2% but only showed 19%. It' 19%+4% in fact, and end up to 23%+4% with set bonus. And I just got a super badge (22%DR without bonus)right now lol
  • Unicorn shooter in my opinion:ruthless, iron skin, marksman, revenge,vigilant. All probability traits are useless facing(+5) level walkers……
  • Single-eye guy for more supplies and xp! By the way I got 750+ tokens using 110 calls,what a amazing event <3
  • > @jimmorrison369 said: > @dylanarena > No, it's the other way around. Body-shot comes first. It can not be a critical when it is a body-shot. Agree with that. At UHD,if the probability of body-shot come up to 90%,the highest critical chance is 20%*90%=18%(A little better with piecing). We have to give up too much traits
  • > @jimmorrison369 said: > For ranged. Piercing 30% means there is a 27% chance at critical if you have 90% critical chance. (At high level) Maybe we can only choose damage and damage reduction badges,which do not affect from the unfortunate :(
  • > @zeeblack said: > @Gomose_W it depends on what you use the Bruiser for. I was thinking for defense in the outposts while you are thinking of using her for the challenges and missions. ----------------- A 80%DR bruiser will be tougher than a GUNDAM in outpost.And the new trait"hazard suit" 20%to be body shot… Sorry i…
  • Maybe it can help saving money in some ways…… Now we can do both of the distance and challenge in a full oil
  • > @zeeblack said: > I would raise her to Pink. She would have been awesome if the punish is replaced by strong trait. Keeping in view the number of traits, its difficult to get all preferred traits at once. An idea, equip some badges on her and make her invincible. ﹉﹉﹉﹉ Punish is the most powerfulskill,isn't it? I think…