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 A Level 1 scout with 1* can complete this episode in 2 turns at the highest difficulty level.
  • Remove threat creation from weapons completely. No change for ranged is OP unless it makes ranged more powerful than melee.
  • I agree that there will still be a big gap between ranged and melee. That's why I think it shouldn't be a big deal to get rid of ranged threat creation. - Get rid of ranged threat creation. - Boost piercing. - Give every ranged class the ability to temporarily halt or slow down unstunnable walkers. Harpoon Pistol for…
  • I did not mean that they should extend the challenge from 5 days to 7 days. I meant run the test as part of the normal weekly challenge.
 I want a drastic test, not a small one. I want to see if getting rid of threat creation completely has any real impact on the balance of the game. (I don't think it will.)
 How about this:- The charge attack unleashes 6 bullets. - When you select a target for a charge attack, you use the hunter mode of target selection (a line) which allows you to select multiple targets. - The shots hit the first target until that target is destroyed, then shots hit the next target until it is…
 Not untrue, but to me it really is more about simplifying the badging process and creating the perfect set of badges that fit the survivor. (Probably due to my mild OCD...)
 Yes. Definitely do the same for the class [email protected] isn't really about making badges more powerful; it will help to create a set of badges that actually fit the survivor instead of a set that will fit the survivor only part of the time.
 Never too late! If they actually implement this, I may give Guild Wars another try.
I've posted a few times that I thought Challenge should be changed from playing the same 6 maps over and over to playing ALL of the maps in a randomized order. Maybe not every week, but at least once a month. But it doesn't seem to be a very popular idea.
Don't forget the biggest falsehood of all: "Badge types, positions, conditions, and effects are all equally likely to appear."
  • Before, I was able to 3* this map consistently up to the low 50s with Scout Daryl as leader and 2 bruisers (and I'm not very good). It is definitely tougher now.
The only heroes available are the ones that are listed in the percentage tables.
  • Not trying to start an argument; I just want to understand something.Is everyone basically saying that they want the difficulty of the Challenge to pretty much stay the same while survivors and equipment improve, leading to higher and higher star counts?
  • I got the 200-radio pack to experiment with to see how the numbers work out. That's why I noticed the limited heroes this time and missed it the dozens (or hundreds) of times I apparently wasted radios on fake "Any Available Hero" calls. How good the call is depends a lot on what you are looking for. I am currently…
  • I thought "Any available hero" meant any hero available to you in the game. If it means only the heroes shown in the call rates table then I have wasted a LOT of radios/calls over the past year.
  • It cracks me up that this is being referred to as "AI".This is NOT an AI opponent. This is a fixed target score.An AI opponent would actually have a roster of survivors, it would come up with a strategy, it would select / equip teams, and it would actually play through the maps to generate a score.Even "Bot" is being too…
  • The current version of T-Dog isn't something I would use. As others have said, as a non-leader he is equivalent to a standard non-hero bruiser.How about: If a survivor has both Punish and Beat Em Up, a body shot results in a percentage chance for a charge point? Melee needs a little Sasha.Also the adjacent requirement…
  • It would be really nice if heroes had a few (3-5?) possible leader traits that we could Reroll for. Some exclusive to specific heroes and some more generic. Maybe a bruiser hero with Sasha's leader trait (for example).
I see. Not a bad idea at all. So, on the survivor screen for Morgan when you click the weapon, add a "Show equipped" toggle like they do with badges so that all bruiser weapons are listed. If you select a weapon that is already equipped on Eugene, automatically give Eugene the weapon Morgan currently has while…
 I would not say distance is easy for me, but I don't have any problems finishing it if I charge up survivors. I could use the same team for probably the first 17-18 rounds. Swapping teams on the early missions is just to charge up the survivors I will need during the last few missions. I probably over do it, but I…
  • Let me simplify this. A player can charge up 30 survivors during the first 10 missions.Does anyone really believe that there are players who can finish hard distance that cannot complete the first 10 missions and charge up 30 survivors?
  • I disagreed because: 1) You said you would rather they fix the "real problems", implying that the grind of charging up isn't a real problem. It is very much a real problem to me because it prevents me from playing an entire game mode; others have said the same. 2) I don't see the value in switching weapons between…
 I don't mind going through the first 15 missions so much; I just want to do it quick and not deal with the swapping. A Nightmare mode that starts at a higher level would do a lot to relieve the general boredom with Distance.
 I understand what you are saying, but I don't believe pre-charging will make it less difficult. The assumption is that when the hard missions start to roll around, all the key survivors are charged anyway. The idea is to make it more pleasant to get to that point.It does feel like drudgery / busy-work to me to swap…
  • I'm surprised by the haters. The only reason I can think off to JSS/Dislike this idea is if you can breeze through hard distance and you don't want any changes to be made unless they benefit you directly.Seriously, this has zero negative impact to any player or to NG. And it takes some of the grind out of the Distance for…
 As long as you have more gas than the max that will fit in your car, gas rewards and gas trade goods purchases should still add to the total. Even if 1-minute gas is running.I currently have 447 gas, about 30 more than I had when I woke up this morning, because I bought gas with trade goods and got some in reward…
  • I hate to be the lone dissenter, but I like gas rewards wherever they pop up because I hoard gas. I haven't run out in...probably a year? (At one point after running over a month of boosters I was 5000+ gas.) Unless I start running distance every week, I can probably maintain unlimited gas indefinitely from gas rewards and…
It's been a while since physics, but I believe that sound from multiple sources can either amplify each other or diminish each other depending on the shape of the sound waves.
  • I wait until the seasons are over and then binge them. So I accept that things are going to get spoiled.But the game itself has spoiled a lot more than the forum posts I have read - especially the episode missions. (The appearance of the Whisperers in missions was a gigantic spoiler.) At the very least, the appearance of…