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  • Yeah this happened to me on the final stage just now . Rick got into a wrestling with one, and Morgan , and Glenn made it to the exit . But it still allowed the walkers a extra turn and killed both of them to .
  • Well need to look at an exchange for both crafting components/badges and armor/gear . Since you only get X amount of space for weapons/gear . Than instead of just scraping the items for experience points . That usually is very low return anyways for it . Give us the option to get this put in as components instead . Epic…
  • Trait system needs to be reworked . Instead of the collecting tokens to improve these things . Look at doing like The Walking Dead March to War does . Training the survivors up , but once you reach X level . You are given to options to choose from for traits to give them . Can be from one that is common like group gets X%…
  • Well considering that season 8 is going to wrap up the Neagan arc it's still got plenty of story to tell . Got a glimpse of them foreshadowing this in S8Ep1 Mercy with Rick is dream . Communities growth and development in their trading society . The introduction of the Whispers led by Alpha whom going to bring a strong…
  • I am playing War & Peace currently and really dig their alliance system . As you select the item you want to build or research then you can select the help button next to it . People in your alliance then can send help to you to speed up this process of whatever it is you asked help on . While you can do the same for…
  • Need to look at having the heros traits actually mean something to the camp . Shane : Should be introduced and his trait should be training firearms shooters/Hunter class should get a boost . If he is the leader of the team in marksmanship . Dale: Would be a good one for a gas booster/components trait . Since he was the…
  • 250 tokens to unlock a B list character that is been in a whole 8 episodes . Over giving us Shane, Andre, Martinez , or Tyrese .
  • I do like that idea gain experience points for opening crates/gates/kills . Add to this for X amount of experience points to them they get to see a upgrade of gaining one less attempt at opening said crate/gate to eventually could be just one turn . This would give players incentive to use all of their people to build up…
  • Chapter 15 would be nice to get this and continue the storyline . But a replay option and add in chances to pick up badge fragments & components would be nice to see done to .
  • Yeah I agree the badge system nice addition to game . However be nice to have a little more information on it as to what you are getting instead of the guessing system of it now . I'd like to see an addition to the game that gives you a preview of the overall for training survivors , weapons , armour , and crafting badges…