I got my first pink star and I'm so excited about it!! I got darell his pink star and I cant wait to pink Abraham and Tara cuz they are my go-to people


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  • Good morning forums We've got one day until our new challenge starts! I don't know about you but I am super excited!! If you're looking for a guild I've got the place for you! FEAR FAMILY is looking for new active players!! I love FEAR FAMILY i found a place that i Excel and learn so very much on a daily! I was the Oddball…
  • Goodmorning NML what a great challenge last week was! FEAR FAMILY has almost 3 years together!! Wow what an accomplishment! When i say FAMILY thats exactly what I mean! We are a positive caring family that takes care of each other! We help each other through trials and tribulations in the game and out of the game! If…
  • Goodmorning NML FORUMS I wanted to invite you to play with FEAR FAMILY!! We have a great caring group of people!! We care about the game and each other..... I'd love to show you around !! We have plays from all walks of life and all over the world!! We also have players that are just getting started and level 72s top in…
  • Hello all in NML with another challenge right around the way , I'd love to invite you to our FEAR FAMILY ☝️🧟‍♀️ We have a really unique group of people in community from all over! We have people that are just getting started in the game all the way up to level 72! We've Come Together to strategize and communicate and learn…
  • Good morning forum! Man what an exciting challenge this one was! Nothing gets my blood pumping more than a good challenge I hope you enjoyed it as well!! If for some reason you didn't could it be Guild your end? Looking for something new and exciting and a friendly place to come hang out and talk to like-minded people? You…
  • Come check out FEAR FAMILY!! we kick all the walkers butts and nutts🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️
  • Hey hey hey it's a brand new day and I'd like to formally invite you to come check out our amazing FEAR FAMILY!!A bunch of fun-loving people an amazing atmosphere! Tough day at work long day with the kids , just need a place you can unwind and not think about real world problems , well you found it! We have some of the top…
  • Hey yall come check out out Fear family 🧟‍♀️ we are an amazing kick butt team!! We love to strategize and work together and most importantly teach each other things about the game and just talk about life in general!
  • Happy 21st Birthday to you Richard 🍰🍦🎂🍧 sorry I'm a day late on here lol
  • Hello one and all🙃😊 are you the talker in you guild and you get greeted with silence or are you The Silent One doesn't have a whole lot to say , that's all right to! If you come check us out I can guarantee there's a place for everybody in our for your family! It's a super awesome place to talk and learn about this amazing…