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Y esa imagen en realidad es de un famoso cuadro de Uruguay, "El desembarco de los 33 orientales", así que esos carpinchos serán carpinchos charrúas? Atacarán al grito de "vamo' arriba bóoo"? Morderan como Suárez??? 🤣🤣🤣
 If NG gets free insurance, you already have the job brother! Your qualities don't matter! 🤣🤣🤣
  • This kind of walkers should be called "goodbye cowboy!" 😂😂😂
Tus vacaciones de seguro están siendo en Nordelta, Argentina, ayudando a tus congéneres a luchar por su territorio! 😂
  • It has happened to me on both occasions (being on fire and without), although always carrying the flare gun. 
 Regardless, the shot was deadly even to the body, given the infamous amount of life.Will the problem be with incendiary weapons ??? 🤔
Why should I record if I want to play (that's why this is a game)? Ah! I know! To do free game tester work for free!If you wish, I will record it for you in the next distance, although many have already happened.
  • Same problem
  • I met my wife because of the game, and also if I see errors I complain about them. Also I have not read any insulting comments, only complaints about giant errors.
Unfortunately the google translation does not let me understand what he meant 😅As a matter of fact, I'm super fun in my guild, I just don't understand NextGames business criteria, so I don't spend any money for anything. Buying packs is super boring, I want prizes for my ability not for my wallet 🤷‍♂️
  • It should be noted that although we can all verify the nerf, NG will most likely respond to us in the same way that he responded to a query from me about when the rate of radios obtained in the "radioactive" event was lowered (he bought gas 24 hours a day, 3 days of the event, getting about 600 radios per day, and after…
I did not get to unlock Shiva for very little, those players with excessive scores prevented me. My mind sees conspiracies that NG herself included these players so that less we get to the 3 supports in 3 weeks .... 🤣🤣🤣
Entiendo tu esfuerzo, y en mi caso i obtained Dog la primera semana, y también tendría Mascara si no fuera por este error.Tampoco tengo ningún problema con que más jugadores los obtengan si tienen un rendimiento inferior.Acordemos que trato de ser justo con todos los jugadores, es casi imposible que un jugador con…
Totally insufficient and authoritative response. THEY are responsible for the errors, THEY must see if the prizes are correct, but you want players who unlocked Dog not to receive their Masks, even though the counting mode of the tokens you earn in Last Stand is quite confusing. Add to this the fact that the average…
I still remember when they had an error and they compensated you with 7 days of gas and xp, or similar things. Now the compensation hopefully is 15 Jerry tokens ... 😂😂😂
  • I only use it in distance only, in a team of two scouts and a third warrior to kill a special walker, or in a team of two warriors for the same purpose.
  • An update has just come out that fixes that, look for it to fix the bug
  • I do not know what happens with my damage in certain characters, I am very disappointed to record or send a report to NG, the previous bug was reported days ago and they still do not respond to me 😫
  • I know what the problem is, I realized when I asked for subtitles in the videos and they told me how to translate on pc. They must develop the game on a pc screen, and it is a mobile game, there everything seems very small. As much as it looks very flat on PC, on mobile it looks much better. The same with the videos, you…
I see Jay-Z as a great and historical player, I don't have the pleasure of meeting Welly, and I see Firekid as the most FTP player of all and the one with the best tactics in his videos, although you made that comparison in your mind , since I am talking about another class of players that I do not intend to name, who…
  • Coming back to gameplay, I finished at 1%, and earned 400 dog tokens. The problem that I got several rounds more than many players in my clans, and got only 48 dog tokens, against 100 or more players who only made it up to rounds 24-26 ... Totally annoyed with this mode
The "best players" are not because they have been playing for a long time, the "best players" have long since retired, there are only players who take advantage by buying their victories, except for some like Firexid, who I think is the last of the true geniuses. in this game
What is it "autoClicker"? 
  • Write in-game to support, and insist both here and there
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You're crazy??? It is scientifically proven that NG suffers from panic attacks and convulsions when he must give as a prize for passing a round the incredible prize of 4 Jerry tokens, and now you want them to give balanced prizes for war to the guilds? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 (It is a cruel comment but for laugh together)The problem is…
  • Another bug I found is that the yumiko trait does not activate on certain occasions. I checked that my heroes were in range.If I add this to the fact that when the screen is full, Princess is not charging me with Sasha as leader and Yumiko, and that the new way to close the abilities that are activated is confusing, it is…
  • Same problem in the new mode, along with the fact that sometimes it does not load special point when it kills. My characters were within range to attack
  • The games style "defend the tower" have different classes of characters that evolve differently as you see fit. Here it does not happen and it is very flat. I notice an excessive generation of fat and explosive walkers, thinking of not so advanced players (I even have to kill 3 or 4 fat level 43 with obstacles that prevent…
  • Not placing Morgan on the podium seems like a bad choice, especially to say that T-Dog is better. Why would it be better? Morgan is the second thug to take to war, with either sasha, rick scout or eugene as leader. Also for players who start or not have a large number of badges it helps them much more. I also put as a test…
  • Subtitles please
  • The lack of answer answers your question... 😂😂😂😅😅😅