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  • Open the game and get rickrolled
  • Building Blocks assault Freeman has twice now made my survivors bleed. Is there a new assault weapon that I don't know of that makes you bleed?
  • Maybe for now until its settled lower guilds stick to less than 10 in a battle. Stronger guilds are more than likely going to fill their roster, so less chance to be overmatched. Just a temporary suggestion.
  • There should be some sort of cooldown between end of last Guild War and new signup period, like the Challenge, so collection of rewards is still possible after the war ends. Everybody that played Sunday lost the rewards for victory.
  • This was an issue with the map mission description at the start of the map. It stated 'Kill all Walkers and Exit' but was clearly a kill 10 walkers and exit with spawn every turn. Very different mission than was expected.
  • > @Billbam said: > Have heard but not verified on Lock In turns open gate all melee is 3 and with any ranged its 4...has anyone noticed this? Its only 3 for ranged
  • > @rogueDS said: > @Fluxxx any new yet they have 320 on battle stats but 500 on board? I put up 2 attacks so far and my guild points are correct why? > The sector completion bonus isn't included in individual scores but is included in guild score. Add all the individual scores (in your case 360) and subtract from the total…
  • I am having the same issue. I cleared 2 level 33 maps with dwight and scoreboard correctly showed 50 pts. Then I cleared a 34 with dwight and only got 20 pts. Cleared an enemy with dwight and only got 20 pts. Then did a 34 with dwight and only got 24 pts. I should be at 127 not 115. I did put in a ticket. I didn't…
  • I disagree that it should be increased from 2. If you are allowed to play more than 2, but I am stuck only playing 2 because my guild is full and everybody participates, then you get to earn more rewards than me. How is that fair? The goal should be to get in a full guild with full participation, not the other way around.
  • One thing lost in this discussion is rewards fairness. The more battles you play, the more rewards you can get. Now we are all at a level playing field, we all can play a max of 2. If someone is allowed to play more than 2, then they have an opportunity to get more rewards. Why should a guild with less than full…
  • > @Pandreq said: > Quick question - due to a communication problem, we didn’t get 5 members signed up for the first battle so we are missing out. The question is - those players that are registered, does this count as one of their two days that they can play on? We can’t withdraw now, we are still showing as signed up. No,…
  • "I signed up to play and for the life of me I couldn’t attack anyone on any map! It was so frustrating that I actually withdrew my spot and luckily someone else replaced me. It looked like they were able to play. WTF" How exactly were you able to withdraw from a battle that had already started? You should be locked in and…
  • Are talking versus regular walker missions or pvp missions?
  • Is the flare gun going to be available in the shop anytime soon? @Fluxxx
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  • What happened to the round passes for this week's challenge? We have NONE. Also, eliminating the 3rd rounds just means we will have less rounds to play at the end, thus gain less round passes for the next challenge. We will have to play more rounds at the beginning of the challenge, so we're not really playing less rounds…
  • One thing getting lost here is the impact on round passes. In the scenario provided, I would play 5 less rounds, which is about 2 less round passes. The following week I would then have to play a couple of extra rounds, thus increasing the grind.