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  • I have seen the note. But every cap is write on Description Trait. For Stun Resistance nothing....
  • So this video shows just an old Revenge Version??? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cUwm69d2nF8
  • No, cause lucky happen just with Crit hit. Prob u didnt note u killed 2 dirrent walkers level.....
  • Good for u. I found just one Epic... And i have already used something like 200-250 radios ... ;(
  • Not sure 100% how lucky works exactly, but it's work with ctitical and dodge.... U should choose what's best combo traits.... I can say this.... Lethal in early game, i mean with weak weapon, has totaly no sense if u have another high lvl weapon..…
  • Yes, but it happen just 10%.... No sense for me.... Anyway if u follow episode lvl suggest zombi are weak so nithing change so much... For hard mission high damage for a scout is better.... If u will not kill immediatly a big zombi, hard pass level.…
  • Rare Scout lvl 7: 111 damge EPIC base damage: 92 ( no extra by lethal maybe from strong ) but with 5% is just 4-5 dmg more Total base dmg: 203 Min Crit dmg: 193 x 2.1= 405 Max crit dmg: 213 x 2.1= 447 Legendary base damage: 98+ lethal = 108 Tota…
  • Special mission ( like prison ) where 2 or more players challenge. They will start this "random mission" where everyone have the same map, and the winner will be who finish mission with lower turn. Reward can be Gold case..... With this …
    in PVP Comment by Hollywood November 2015
  • (Quote) Y, it should be a must. The problem is the chance, really low. Gold chance is 15% and playing scout with a "Gold SS" it happens rarely. It could be clear, if u play 2-3 scout and everyone have this Trait.... So chance in a single t…
  • I dont understand how u lost all your survivor..... :neutral:
  • Kill zombi around your camp and wait a radio spawn to call some1 :smiley:
  • I restarted to test survivor's attack and i will report step by step what i will discover. First one critical hit and lucky hit Should be the same, i was wrong about lucky CH stronger than normal CH. I am pretty sure about this.... Lethal and Stro…
  • I am "studying" all trait and is not so easy.... :) For Lucky i can say that probably is one of best trait cause increase a lot of other traits. About Critical and Lucky i can say Lucky is like a Stronger Critical effect. If u will check,…
  • For me at start Rare characters is enough, for 2 reasons..... The base damage and armor at same level are similar and to get bonus stats with high characters u have increase more level than a rare or uncommon one. For me the big difference are the w…
  • I did some test.... And the number of damage needed to die is always the same.... With same level zombi with and without Heal Stat bonus.... So what?
  • Hi i'm Hollywood and i ma new here, i ma i talian :) from Venice....(Image)