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  • 3 years??!! I bailed after guild leader went MIA for a month! Very patient and loyal guild you’re in, but time to start over.
  • Pizza box: Close quarters regular attack and ranged no-threat Pizza Time charged attack as he flings the box
    in pizza Glenn Comment by IcePeter July 15
  • Personally, doing the swap every mission and trying to get all 48 characters charged is what keeps the first 3/4 of the Distance interesting for me. It also provides a reason for us endgamers to upgrade equipment/weapons for everyone so you don’t ha…
  • With hunters and assaults being marginally useful on fight-it-out, anyway, we’ll be playing the final challenge of this event without a meaningful bonus. Might experiment a little, but probably all melee past 35.
  • Spoiler alert: all your favorite heroes/weapons/traits will be nerfed for “game balance”, making Jerry, the pickle jar and bullet dodge #1 on everyone’s list
  • Many guilds use outside apps to more effectively communicate 
    in Tuesday Blues Comment by IcePeter July 8
  • Yes, the placement has to be in range of a visible enemy
  • If I can’t be the best at something, someone else must be cheating 😤
  • Then we max out and whine about having nothing to spend resources on 😝 Game design is to make it a game of chance since they make more money on gambling than sure things.
  • I’ve noticed that on Outpost. I stun everybody, but they register retaliate attacks before being stunned. Or at least that’s what I thought, maybe it’s over watch registering after my attack rather than before.
  • I love staring at that -30 on an outpost mission against a level 23 opponent after getting booted and then timing out. Doesn’t grind me AT ALL.
  • I made 4 Eugene calls and got 32 Governor tokens. Then my phone mysteriously shattered against the wall.
  • Eugene’s would work underwater. We need more underwater map sets.
  • Pace yourself on Monday, finish Distance Tuesday and hit the Outpost. Perfect day for Kill With Jerry since there are no real missions to worry about or from which it’s diverting gas. Do we really want to constantly grind?
  • Not surprising on my old iPad, but more concerning that it’s started on my new iPhone. Doesn’t seem to matter where I am or how i’m Connected.
  • I’ve asked multiple times and no one has attempted to explain how it is calculated. I know a few people have charted their damage to get a rough idea, but NG has not made it a visible part of the game. I’d love to see it on the character screen, eve…
  • You can boot them from the guild or at least threaten it. Problem solved.
  • Same as grenade or barrel, I guess. Killing a goo “detonates” it for 3 threat, but I agree you should get 1 threat off for the charged kill, unless you don’t get credit for the kill, like with grenadiers.
  • (Quote) 
A. That armor isn’t particularly special and seems like a weak grand prize. B. Everybody gets it if the Top 50 hit the target. Go cheaters! 
    in Armor Comment by IcePeter June 23
  • Thank you for caving to our incessant whining, Fluxx!
  • I won’t be using any assaults this week past level 31. Garbage bonus for the map set. No gold will be spent after getting my PB last week.
  • I’ll happily take it with my first 2000 
    in Guild shop Comment by IcePeter June 22
  • The cost increases as your level increases. 5 is the max.
    in Scavenge Comment by IcePeter June 21
  • The rewards are slanted towards beginners, but I still do them, usually with minimal gas above what I would have used, anyway. Only really annoying if I have to do 6 crap hero missions who aren’t in 1-tank season missions. I still do it for the “fre…
  • The good news is that you can’t mess anything up too much if you’re low level. Focus on upgrading characters, not equipment, and upgrade all buildings except walker pit. Hoard tokens and Trade Goods until you develop a plan. We all start out blindly…
  • I’m ready for it, but every couple of months is usually sufficient while preventing treating badges like gear, as SW suggested.
  • They are available all week. They won’t disappear on you.
  • It’s been less than 3 months, they just took all my gold on Distance resets, but I’d still scrounge up enough for Morgan’s Staff or a flare gun. Gotta have a few gold bricks in the couch cushions...
  • Saved up all weekend for today’s Michonne call and went 1-for-7
  • I’m giving the bow a solid chance this challenge. Scout Rick with a bowed shooter has potential. I used the spike as my 3rd scout weapon last challenge, but probably never again.