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  • I’m just sick of getting survivors with level 1 gear. You can’t keep everything you use if you wanna to advance the characters you have without recycling the xp it took to level it up. At least give gear a couple levels lower than them so it can be used when you get it. Took me forever to get a usable item for a warrior…
    in Equipment Comment by Jethro1967 May 2018
  • The info gave the odds ratio for only epic and legendary gear. There weren’t odds for any other rarity listed. Only either epic or legendary. I would not have bought it if it did. Why was tg on golden level rewards when the golden guaranteed crate is only 500 compared to 3000. That’s a no brainer in my opinion.
  • It was an epic crate for 3000 to. My council is level 11.
  • I didn’t screenshot it. I contacted but haven’t heard yet.
  • I was always interested in family history ironically on my mother’s side. I became more interested in the other when I moved to zOz thirty years ago. Most here are all British subjects so I did my research and found it very interesting. I love history.
  • I didn’t go into struggle till the next turn. I never lost connectivity and the indicator was green every time and it wasn’t a charge attack. Otherwise I could have killed first. It did cost me two stars for no injury and no struggle.
  • My ancestor was a 15th century composer named Walter Lambe. That’s my surname. He was the music director of Windsor Castle. He has several compositions in Eaton’s book. We have a lot of heirlooms dating back to him. He adopted the treble clef as his sigil but it never was added to our coat of arms. Our motto reads en…
  • I hate that if you want success in much of a form you have to spend money. If you don’t then at some point you lose a week or so of missions. You have to wait till characters catch up with the difficulty level. If you spend money they force you to use it all on upgrading. I’d love to spend a small amount as a backup…
  • I tried to get video but don’t want to fail another challenge due to the error. I wasn’t interrupted because the walker was isolated. Thanks Shadow. Many don’t know that it’s biblical. Nice someone else does
  • Wouldn’t it be great if certain weapons worked better for certain heroes than others. Like the crossbow doing more damage in Daryl’s hands than say in another hunters. Then there is an encentive to keep it upgraded or quest harder for them. The katana for Michone, the staff sword for Ezekiel and the axe for Jerry. Just…
  • How about a road sign for bruisers. Maggie used one while on the road with Sacha and Bob. That would be cool. -Praetorian
  • You could also have that whip effect. Wrap that chain around a walkers head and have that carabiner come around hitting him in the face to put him down. Awesome.
  • Yeah it worked like a Morningstar. Chains are everywhere though. Just pick one up and swing it. Wrap it around your waist and never drop it.
  • How about a chain? Remember when Daryl and Aaron were trapped at the cannery, and Daryl used a chain to destroy three walkers with one swipe. Could be a nice weapon for a hunter when they get in close. Maybe make it an ability since you can’t switch in combat.