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  • Not greedy, but all games developer makes something to make u buy. Its a fact. Just wait em to respond. For me, i not really care bout event. Just play n have fun. Play event like works... Lol. Note i just complaint bout how can low level can co…
  • Lol... Everyone now heated up. If dont like game anymore just delete. If want play go for it. N enjoy what u have. Simple. No push to developer to agree with what u want. We are not progammer or owner. We can give idea. But up to dev to decide. D…
  • Yeah cpw need change dr waltz now. N i complaint bout pvp matchmaker. Still no improvement of pvp matchmaker. Still sucks. Maybe only 10-15 ppl in my lvl. Everyday see them. And not fair for higher level can be same with lower star in top ranks. How…
  • Only complaining bout dr meltz... From 30min to 5 min. Thats ridiculous. And dynamic pvp star. Whats this mean?
  • Aksel, 9 of 10 success defend. 1 fail defend is from me? Lol My opinion is better remove this revenge option. Why? This pvp matchmaking is bad. You can revenge back soon, just wait pop in ur map. I already bored faced pretty same peoples lol...
  • hi azis, still debate this thing? Lol Solution for this one is easy. No point can score n no reward can received if join after event start.. Simple... Just wait cpw agree do that or not. If some posse want to play switch because still allowed by cpw…
  • That will benefit for u aksel lol
  • i mistaken for star (revenge). For attacker if got revenge is 0 star total he got (-1 for pop out in map, +2 for win, -1 for got revenge). For defender is +1 star (-1 for lose n +2 for win revenge).. So not fair for attacker... Work for nothing ... …
  • Hi aksel n charles... I see u both in map... Lvl 44? Lol... Its not easy to dump ur star.. If u play boom beach u will know this... This game is very similiar with boom beach for star in pvp n npc... U need put ur main hq in front n wait got atk n …