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Sniper Morgan is a badass on defensive in the Outpost. I am finally getting consistent wins there using him. To maximize his ability (Perceptive), you need to be able to generate numerous attacks when it is not your turn, such as through Revenge, Retaliate, and Punish, and this is one case where Vigilant and Defensive…
  • I like this idea, but I think it would be better with the new class I invented, the Tosser. https://forums.nextgames.com/walkingdead/discussion/45144/new-classes-rusher-uses-new-push-mechanic-and-tosser-variable-range#latest
  • I prefer these weapons being rare. If I started coming across everyone with them, I'd be annoyed.
  • That's why it's good to keep a bruiser handy and keep your eyes open for bottlenecks. Stuff your bruiser in the opening ASAP.
  • I agree that there need to be better incentives that a Guild Leader can use to motivate their team members. The granting of the Elder status is meaningless. It could be made valuable, though. Say, at the end of each Guild War, all players who participated in at least one Battle receive Gold. Members receive 50, Elders 75,…
  • As much as I would love this feature, I also kind of like having to work with what I find, even if it's not perfect. I always hope to find something better, or with certain traits, but sometimes I am surprised by the value of the traits I didn't think were ideal. The main reason I feel this is unnecessary is that you can…
  • I just had to restart my phone. It's loading fine now.
  • DiElEl, if you really like Sasha, bring her along (with gold Training Gear, preferably). But you should still do most of your kills with Maggie wearing (Gold Gear), if you can. The person in 3rd position will simply be least likely to be attacked.
  • Most people seem to be on the same page, here. But let me tell you my rationale for using the Governor instead of Glenn (most of the time). A- If you can do at least 4 missions, use the Governor. With 4 unlocks available, that's 24 crates you can open in 4 missions. B- If what you're going for is a quick reward, you can…